Why You Should Hire a Skip Bin if You’re Moving!

Moving to a new apartment is always very exciting and an amazing milestone. However, moving can be quite tough, especially when the problem of how to move large items comes up. For example, how do you move your favourite couch or coffee table when you don’t have a big car?

Well, the answer is simple, you can rent skips. Skips aren’t only useful for disposing of waste; they’re also good for moving things around. But that’s not the only way to utilise skips when you’re moving within Adelaide. If you’re moving, you should get skips because:


While packing, some possessions require extra care. Fragile items like electronics, tables, etc., must be stored properly while moving. Because anything can happen, one wrong move and they could break in the moving truck. Moving is already quite expensive; replacing furniture and chinaware would be unnecessary.

If you want to protect your important items, put them in a skip bin. If you arrange them properly, none of your things will get destroyed. And that’s not the only way you can use a skip bin while moving.

If you’re not using a truck, a skip bin could also help you. Place your moving boxes inside the skip so you can clear more space in your car. That way, you won’t have to make numerous trips, and you’ll have more space to work with. You could also try out this hack with your preferred moving company. 

Clearing your waste

When you’re moving, you get to realise just how unnecessary things you have in your home. For example, the boxes of old tools and items you’ve had in your garage would need to be thrown away. They could be spoiled kitchen tools, equipment or old clothes you kept out of sentimental value. Since you’ll be clearing your old apartment, you’ll have no choice but to get rid of them. 

And that won’t be something you can handle yourself. These items could be quite big and bulky, so you’d need skips. Skips are necessary because they are the only bins that can handle the heavy load without breaking. If you try to dispose of your household trash with your regular bin, you might end up destroying it.

But what if you’re not quite ready to dispose of all your old things? You can still take your time, sort through and find what you’d like to keep. Tell the bin hire company how long you’ll need the skips. If you’re unsure, Mini Bin can help out. You can rent our skips for as long as you need. 

Picking it up

After clearing the waste from the cleanup, you’d have to take it to the rubbish dump. Bothering about the waste while you’re moving out would be a needless chore, especially since it can get picked up. The skip hire company can pick up the waste once you’ve successfully stored everything. 

Are you moving to a new home and having storage issues? Mini Bins is here to help. Our skips come in numerous sizes that’ll make your moving in Adelaide easier. Message us and tell us the size you’d like.


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