Why Is It So Important Where My Skip Bin Is Placed on Delivery?

With any upcoming home renovation project or corporate event, you know you will need to hire a skip bin. Deciding where to place the skip bin is essential. It depends on the size of the skip bin itself, and the layout of your property and other factors.

Once your skip hire process is completed, and the bin is delivered, it should not be moved. Trying to place the skip bin somewhere else can cause you or others physical injuries. It can also damage your property. That is why you should carefully choose the placement of your skip bin right from the start.

Here are a few aspects to consider for the placement of your skip bin:

Council Permit

It is easier and more convenient to place the skip bin on your private property. If that is not possible, then you will need a permit to be able to place a skip bin on the street or public space. Even with the council permit, you will not be allowed to place your skip bin anywhere.

Every local council or skip bin hire Adelaide company has their rules and regulations. Before your skip bin hire, make sure to go through all these rules. Otherwise, you could be fined for not complying with skip bin placement regulations.

Delivery Truck

Besides the size of the skip bin, you should also think about the size of the delivery truck. The spot you choose for your skip bin should be easy to reach. It should not have any tree branches near it or utility lines that could interfere with the skip bin hire truck. That is why some skip bin hire companies specify an amount of overhead clearance required.

If you decide to place your skip bin along your driveway, you should first make sure its size is suitable. The driveway and the gate should be wide enough to accommodate the skip bin and the delivery truck. The dimensions of the delivery truck may differ from one skip bin hire company to another. 

Private Property

Placing the skip bin on your private property has many benefits. You will not need a council permit. More importantly, the skip bin will be placed in a more secure location. You will avoid any unauthorised access to your skip bin. People on the street will not be able to throw their rubbish in your skip bin. However, you will still need to find a suitably sized space on your private property. Make sure to also follow any specific skip bin hire regulations your neighbourhood has. 

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