Why a Skip Bin During Home Renovations Is a God Send!

Trying to manage all the waste generated during your home renovation can be overwhelming. The debris can build up so fast; you will not be able to keep up alone. That is why you need to hire a mini bin. 

With the right mini bin hire, you will not have to worry about home renovation waste anymore. Your mini bin hire company will handle the waste pick-up and disposal for you. 

Here is how a mini bin hire will make your home renovation less exhausting for you:

Time and Effort Savings

Any home renovation project will generate a significant amount of waste. Your regular trash bin is not designed to handle all that waste. Without a mini bin hire service, you will have to send the waste yourself to a rubbish dump. 

The last thing you need, during your home renovation, is having to drive back and forth to the recycling depot. You will also have to gather the waste and take it down manually to your vehicle. This can be a very tiring process for you. With a mini bin hire, your service provider will handle all this hassle for you. 

Responsible Waste Disposal

Improper waste disposal can cause environmental pollution. You might also have to pay a costly fine. A professional mini bin hire company, however,  will not just save you time, effort and money. They will also dispose of your home renovation waste responsibly, saving the environment. 


The fees you pay to hire a mini bin does not compare to all the cost you will save. Home renovations can be expensive. Without a mini bin, you will have to make multiple trips to the rubbish dump, using your own vehicle. The renovation waste can damage your car. If you decide to hire a trailer, it will also cost you a lot of money. 

Worksite Safety 

If you are busy with the home renovation, you will not have time to take out the trash to the rubbish dump. As a result, the waste will build up quickly inside your house. With a mini bin hire, you will have a designated place to collect all the rubbish. The worksite will not be messy and chaotic. You will not have sharp trash items lying around, causing accidents and injuring people inside your home. This way, the workers will be able to do their jobs safely and more efficiently.

In 2008, Minibin skip bins Adelaide was established. Ever since we have become a national provider of premium mini skip bins across Australia. It does not matter how much rubbish you have or where you are in Australia, we have a mini bin for every job and budget. We can provide an extensive range of mini bin sizes. For larger projects, we can also offer larger roll-on, roll-off bins.
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