Which Type of Waste Can I Dump in a Skip Bin?

If you’re planning to get a skip bin for a deep clean-out you are planning to do, there is something you need to know. When you want to get a skip bin in Adelaide, you have to be mindful of the type of waste you can dump in it. Some types of waste are prohibited in skip bins, so you have to identify the waste you want to dump before you get one.

If you don’t correctly identify the waste you plan to dump into your skip bins, you will incur additional charges. So here are the types of waste you can dump in skip bins Adelaide:

Concrete and Brick Waste

There are skip bins where the only type of waste you can put in it is concrete and brick or any other solid waste. Materials like concrete tiles, roof tiles, etc. can also be in the concrete and brick waste. Materials made out of concrete can be put in this skip bin. Adelaide bin services take this seriously, so make sure you only put concrete or brick waste.

Clean Fill Waste

Waste that is recycled for use in construction projects is known as clean-fill waste. In these skip bins, you should make sure that only clean fill waste is in it. Do not put even a small amount of any other trash. Examples of “clean” fill waste include cement, soil, rubble, etc. Grass, root, or rock matter should not be in a clean fill skip bin.

General Waste

General waste is the waste almost every Adelaide home produces. General household waste falls under the general waste category. You can also mix green waste in with the general waste skip bins. However, do not put bricks, food waste, liquids, electronics, etc. into a general waste skip bin. Also, note that you should not fill the skip bins above the rim.

Green Waste

Green waste, as the name implies, refers to organic waste.  Green waste includes waste like grass clippings, branches, woodchips, and barks. Do not put sand, stone, concrete, etc. in a green waste skip bin. 

Mixed Heavy Waste

Mixed massive waste includes waste from household clean-ups and may also have bricks and concrete. You can put general and green trash in a mixed bulky waste skip bin. Do not put electronics, mattresses, insulation material, etc. in this bin.

Any waste that is not identified here can’t be put in a skip bin. If you are looking to get skip bins in Adelaide, we offer a wide range of skip bins at Mini bins. Our skip bins will help you with the deep cleaning you’re planning to do. Contact us if you have more questions on the type of waste you can dump in skip bins!


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