Which Skip Bin Size Is Right For You?

Hiring a mini bin is probably the easiest way to dispose of your rubbish in Adelaide. However, deciding which mini bin size to choose could be tricky. Mini bin sizes are indicated in cubic metres. Trying to estimate how many cubic metres of rubbish your project will generate can get overwhelming. You do not want to hire a mini bin that is too small to contain all of your rubbish. At the same time, the last thing you want is to pay money for a large skip bin that you will leave half-empty.The mini bin you hire must also fit your Adelaide driveway or the place you intend to put it in. That is why knowing the dimension of the mini bin is also essential. Here are a few guidelines to help you estimate which mini bin size will be right for you 

2 Cubic Metres

This compact size mini bin is a very cost-effective choice if you only intend to clean or renovate just one room at your Adelaide house. Be careful, though. It could easily get overloaded if you are planning on disposing of bulky items. In this case, it is advisable to go for a larger mini bin size. 

3 Cubic Metres

A better choice for a standard clean up of your Adelaide house. This mini bin size offers you more room to dispose of more green waste and some extra junk. 

4 Cubic Metres

One of the most popular mini bin sizes for household spring clean-ups. It can take bulky items, such as furniture or appliances. This medium size is also perfect for home renovation projects that contain more than one room. However, if you are thinking of a complete renovation of your whole Adelaide house, then a large size would be a better choice 

6 Cubic Metres

It is considered a large-sized bin. It is ideal for bigger home renovation projects. You will be able to dispose of all of your renovation waste. If you are moving from one Adelaide house to another, you should consider hiring this skip bin size. It is large enough to fit old furniture and home appliances. 

9 Cubic Metres

The large capacity of this skip bin can handle sizable construction waste. That is what makes it the perfect size if you are building a new house on your Adelaide property. It is also an ideal skip bin size for large renovation projects, such as building a new extension or demolishing an old building.

Minibin skips Adelaide was established in 2008. Today, we are one of the best national providers of premium mini skip bins in Australia. We offer a wide variety of mini bin sizes to fit all of your waste removal needs and budgets. It does not matter how big or small your Adelaide project is. We have the perfect mini bin size for it. 

To learn more about our mini bin sizes and dimensions, contact our staff today!


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