Where Can I Hire a Skip Bin in Adelaide?

Are you looking to hire a skip bin for your Adelaide clean up?

Skip bins are without a doubt the best solution to get rid of waste and rubbish quickly and easily. The great thing about skip bins is how efficient yet affordable they are! All you have to do is load up the bin and forget about the waste.

At Mini Bin Adelaide, we offer a wide variety of skip bins for hire. No matter what your needs are, we are ready to take on any waste project, big or small!

Why Should You Choose Mini Bin for Your Adelaide Skip Bin Hire?

Mini Bin is the local Adelaide skip bin expert!  In fact, we have been providing skips nationally since our establishment in 2008. With over a decade of expertise in the area, there’s no better skip bin provider you can trust!

One of the biggest advantages of our Adelaide skip bin hires is how easy the entire process is. You can book any of our skip bins online. Whether you need a small 2-cubic-meter-skip or a large 9 cubic meter one, our services are just one click away! We can even provide you roll-on roll-off bins of up to 28 cubic meters in capacity upon special requests for your extra-large projects.

The best part, with Mini Bin Adelaide, you’ll always get the best price for your skip bin of choice. It’s efficient, it’s quick, and it’s budget-friendly. What more can you ask for?

Mini Bin: Our Products

We have a wide variety of skip bins available for any Adelaide project. Our skip bins are available in the following sizes: 2,3,4,6, and 9 cubic meters. In addition, we can supply our clients with larger roll-on roll-off bins on request.

We have a bin available for all kinds of waste including bricks, concrete, green waste, and general waste. Our bins are categorised by waste type, so it’s important that you book the right kind of bin. 

Take a look at our different skip bins according to waste type before you hire:

100% Concrete and Bricks

This skip bin can be loaded with concrete and bricks only. No other rubbish materials, even in small quantities, can be dumped into this type of bin. Due to the heavy nature of bricks and concrete, there’s no load limit on this type of bins.

100% Clean Fill

This type of skip bins can only be filled with your Adelaide clean fill waste. No grass, roots or rocks or other rubbish materials can be loaded unto this skip.

General Waste

You can use these bins to dispose of all general household waste, green waste included. However, with these skip bins Adelaide, load limits do apply, according to size.

Green Waste

Green waste skips can be loaded with a variety of organic waste materials like grass, branches, woodchips, and bark. 


Heavy skips can be loaded with almost any material including general waste, green waste, and bricks/concrete. In this case, load limits do apply, depending on the skip bin’s size.

Hire Your Adelaide Skip Bins at Mini Bin

Mini Bin offers a premium online skip bin hire service for all your rubbish clean-up needs! Get access to a wide variety of skips at the best prices. Book your skip online now or contact us for more information.


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