What`s Involved In the Mini Bin Hire Service?

Hiring a mini bin is one of the most convenient and cost-efficient methods to dispose of waste in Australia. It is a convenient solution if you only have a considerably small amount of rubbish. Since Minibin was established in 2008, it became a national premium mini bins provider for Australians. By booking a mini bin with us, you can rest assured you will be getting a prompt and reliable service. We take all the hassle and stress out of the mini bin hire process. Here is what our mini bin hire service involves: 

Choose the Mini Bin Size

The cost of a mini bin hire varies, according to the size of the skip. Therefore, you need to make sure you hire a mini bin that properly fits the amount of waste you want to dispose of. Otherwise, you could end up with a mini bin that is too small to take all of your rubbish. If the mini bin is too large, you will be wasting money on a half-empty mini bin.Our min bins come in a range of sizes and dimensions to choose from. They range from 2 cubic metres through to 9 cubic metres. For a larger amount of waste, you can hire one of our larger roll-on, roll-off bins. These come in sizes between 10 cubic metres and 28 cubic metres. Our staff is available if you need advice on the best mini bin size for your needs. 

Identify Waste Types

At Minibin, we accept almost all types of waste, from construction and building materials to general and green waste. However, some particular waste types are prohibited from being placed in our mini bins, such as asbestos. Disposing of any of these prohibited waste types in the mini bin can affect the price of your skip bin hire Adelaide. You might also be asked to remove them.  

Estimate Hire Duration

Another significant factor that will affect the mini bin service price is the hire duration. The longer you keep the mini bin, the higher the price. That is why you need to calculate how long it will take you to fill up the mini bin.  

Get Council Permits

If you place the mini bin on a public street or over a driveway, you will need to get a council permit. However, if you can put it in your own private property, there will not be a need for that permit.  

Make Online Booking and Payment

To make the online booking process more convenient, we accept a range of credit cards. Your online payment will be made over our fully encrypted, secure gateway.

At Mini Bin, we are committed to providing our commercial and residential clients with a quick and easy mini bin hire service. The delivery of your mini bin will take place within 24 hours of your online booking.

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