What You Can And Can’t Put In Your Adelaide Skip Bin

Skip bins hire aren’t meant to dispose of everything you have in your Adelaide house or business. However, there are some substances and items that many skip bin hires prevent from getting dumped in their bins. 

Many of these substances are toxic and pose significant hazards, so you’ll need to take great care when disposing of them. Before you go to an Adelaide skip bin hire, it’s important you know what you can and can’t put in them. Also, what you can place in a bin depends on why you hired it. 

So, if you hire a bin for green waste, you can’t put construction waste in that same bin. Although construction waste is generally accepted, you shouldn’t mix it with another type of waste.

Simply put, you shouldn’t put more than a type of waste into a bin unless stated otherwise. A change in waste could affect the price of a skip bin, so you’ll need to be completely transparent. 

You could end up paying extra charges if you damage a skip bin, so here are some things you can and can’t put in a skip bin:

Permitted Items in Adelaide Skip Bin

Here is a list of things you can place in most bins you hire in Adelaide. 

  • Construction Waste and Clean Fill: Clean fill and constructions are alike in some ways because clean fill could be used on construction sites. Bricks and concrete are permitted along with other types of waste produced during construction. Clean fill includes clay, sand, rocks, bricks, and rocks that you can usually find on constructions. 
  • Household Waste: Household waste is generally accepted everywhere. Household waste is meant to be non-toxic; don’t dump waste produced in your garage into your bin. Items like paper, bottles, food wraps and scraps etc., are permitted.
  • Green Waste: Any Adelaide skip bin hire you go to should accept green waste. If you’re a professional landscaper, this is waste produced in your garden or on landscapes. Organic waste includes grass clippings, branches etc. 

Since green waste is organic, you could mix it with your household waste. However, it depends on the instructions from your skip bin hire. With Mini Bins, you can mix your green waste with general waste.

Rejected Items

Here are some items you can’t put in any skip bin you hire in Adelaide:

  • Hazardous Substances: Don’t put any chemicals into a skip bin; they can damage skips and pollute the environment. Chemicals, paint and oils also aren’t permitted, so you should look for alternative means to dispose of them. 

Asbestos waste is highly toxic and is rejected by most bin companies. However, you can find professionals that can handle it for you.

  • Electronics: Don’t put anything electric or metal into a bin. Items such as old batteries, computer monitors, hard drives etc., aren’t accepted. Instead, take them to steel companies that accept scrap metals instead of disposing them into your skip.

Tyres, mattresses, gas bottles etc., are other things that you shouldn’t put into a hired bin. What category does your waste fall under? Even if It falls under rejected items, you can still contact us. We’ll help you find a solution.


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