What Types of Waste Can I Put in a Skip Bin?

Skip bins are an excellent resource to clean up any kind of rubbish from your Adelaide properties. And while there’s an option for nearly any type of waste, not all materials can be placed into any skip bin.

At Mini Bins Adelaide, we offer skip bins which are classified according to the waste type. Depending on the skip bin you hire, you’ll be able to load your skip with certain waste items and have to avoid others. 

For this reason, it is crucial to get familiar with every waste type and corresponding skip bins Adelaide. This way you can avoid loading your skip with unallowed material. Plus, since different waste type skip bins have different prices, being aware of the types will allow you to keep your finance straight.

The Types of Waste for Our Adelaide Skip Bins

Classifying waste is relatively simple. The categories used are well defined and clear, which makes our skip bins friendly for Adelaide customers. To help you select the best skip bin for your needs, let’s take a look at our different skips!

Our Adelaide Skip Bins by Waste Type:

100% Concrete and Bricks

This skip bin is ideal for Adelaide construction sites. You can fill this type of skip bin with only concrete and bricks. You must take note of this requirement since no other materials, even in small quantities, will be accepted. Since concrete and bricks are hefty, this type of bins has no load limit.

100% Clean fill

As the name indicates, this type of skip bins can only be filled with your Adelaide clean fill waste. No grass, roots or rocks can be disposed into this type of bin.

General Waste

General waste skip bins are the perfect solution for your Adelaide household. You can use these bins to dispose of all general waste. Plus you can mix in green waste. However, there are a few things you cannot dispose of with these skips. Make sure to avoid bricks, concrete, soil, putrescible waste, asbestos, hazardous waste, insulation material of any kind, liquids, gas bottles, empty chemical containers, tyres, mattresses, computer monitors and hard drives. 

When it comes to general waste skip bins load limits do apply, according to size:

Green Waste

Our green waste skip bins are ideal for all kinds of organic waste. This means grass, branches, and woodchips. Just make sure that no branches protrude from the sides, and you’ll be good to go!


Heavy skip bins are the all-in-one solution for all your Adelaide projects. Perfect for a house construction clean up, you can include general waste, green waste and bricks/concrete. Keep in mind that load limits do apply to these types of bins though.

Finally,  take note that none of our skips should be filled above the rim!

Hire Skip Bins in Adelaide

Mini Bins is a premium skip bin Adelaide service, with a solution for every need. Reach out today for more information on all our skip bin options!


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