What to Look for in a Mini Bin!

The apparent solution to dispose of waste efficiently and quickly is to hire a mini bin. The amount of use you can get from your bin hire will significantly depend on the bin service that you choose to work with. Your mini bin services should be tailored to your needs and budget. Before you book a bin for your next significant cleanout, make sure you select the right one. Today’s article will help you figure out which mini bin will work best for you.

What to Expect in a Mini Bin Hire

Specialized Bins for Each Waste Type

Depending on the mini bin service that you hire, there’ll be specific requirements you need to follow to fill your bin. At Minibin, we help you dispose of an extensive range of trash types, including general waste, construction waste, building materials, and green waste. Depending on what kind of waste you are looking to dispose of, you will need to select a specific bin. Our bin selection includes 100% concrete and bricks,  100% clean fill and green waste only. Additionally, we supply mixed bulky bins, suitable for a mix of most types of waste and general waste bins.


When you hire a bin, you want to make sure to use your storage capacity as best as possible, without overloading your bin. At Minibin, we offer a variety of bin sizes for all your waste disposal needs. Mini bins are available in sizes that range from 2 and up to 9 cubic meters. For commercial or larger residential cleanouts, we can also supply ample roll-on, roll-off bins. Take your time to assess the amount of waste you need to dispose of before selecting the size of your bin. If you require the exact linear dimensions of our bins, our staff will be happy to provide them upon request.

Reliable Service

Once you hire one of our mini bins, you can always count on your bin to be delivered on time. Our services always reflect the great respect we have for our clients’ time and deadlines. Mini bins are delivered exactly as arranged and picked up at the agreed time and date. When you are in a rush, you can quickly book a skip bin with only 24 hours notice. For your comfort, the entire skip hire Adelaide process can be completed online.

Bottom Line

No matter what your waste needs are, you will always find a bin that fits your requirements at Minibin. Our mini bin hires can easily accommodate residential and commercial project clean-outs. A wide selection of mini bins and roll-on roll-off bins guarantees simple solutions for varying amounts of waste. If you need further assistance in the selection of your bin, feel free to contact our team by calling (08) 8443 9390. If you have already figured out what you’re looking for, simply book your bin online now!


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