What To Avoid Putting in a Mini Bin When You Hire One in Adelaide

Are you about to hire a mini bin? Nice! What type of waste are you planning to put inside? Do you know that there are certain things you need to avoid putting in a mini bin?

Often, people rarely know that they can’t just dump anything into a hired mini bin. Most times, it’s usually that the material or substance can damage or affect the quality of the mini bin. 

You could have issues with the Adelaide mini bin company if you damage their mini bin, and this is the last thing you want. So here are some things you should avoid putting in a mini bin:


Asbestos is a highly toxic substance with adverse effects on the environment and human beings. Its disposal is very sensitive and should never be dumped into a mini bin. Dumping asbestos in a mini bin hire can indirectly lead to air and water pollution because the asbestos fibres can easily escape.

If you want to dispose of any asbestos-containing waste, contact professionals. There are laws that regulate asbestos disposal, and you could get fined if you violate them. Avoid unnecessary fines by contacting Metrowaste to dispose of your asbestos waste.

We’re well equipped to help you dispose of any asbestos waste you produce.

Paint Cans

Empty paint cans or paint cans with dried paint can be put in a mini bin. But paint cans that still contain paint should never be placed in a mini bin. Paint contains hazardous toxins that are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Dumping paint into a mini bin for hire can contaminate the mini bin and make it unusable. 

If you need to dispose of your paint, you should harden it and then dump it in a mini bin. You can harden your paint by adding sand to it and leaving it out in the sun to dry for weeks. Once you notice it has set, you can dump it into a mini bin.


Liquids such as engine oil, solvents, septic waste, etc., should never be placed in a mini bin you hire. There are specialised companies that are dedicated to handling liquid waste as they are mostly toxic. Liquids like fuel that can cause fires have sensitive disposal needs for apparent reasons. One wrong move and a lot of things can go wrong.

Search for waste companies in Adelaide dedicated to handling liquid waste and hand it over to them.

Long Tree Branches

Dumping green waste like soil, plants, and small tree branches in mini bins is allowed, but the problem comes when the tree branch is long. Long tree stumps or branches should never be placed in a mini bin for hire.

There’s a very high possibility of the tree branch damaging the mini bin with its sharp tips. If you damage any mini bin, you’ll be charged.

Avoid putting the materials or substances in any mini bin you hire in Adelaide, and you should be good. The list is inexhaustible, so you should call the mini bin hire company and ask them things they don’t want to be placed in their mini bin.

If you’re thinking of hiring a mini bin, Mini Bin skip hire Adelaide should be your first choice! Our booking process is very easy, and we deliver it fast. In addition, you can contact us to find out what you shouldn’t put in our mini bin.


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