What Sizes of Mini Skips Does Minibin Offer

A mini bin hire is the best resource to simplify commercial and residential waste disposal. By eliminating logistics and transportation concerns, all you have to worry about is selecting the right bin. Determining which kind of bin to hire only requires you to examine your waste disposal needs. In most cases, deciding which waste-type bin to hire is a straightforward process. Yet, most of our clients struggle to select the right bin capacity. To simplify your next mini bin hire, we present you a guide on our bin sizes and selection.

What Mini Bin Sizes Are Available For Hire?

At Minibin, we offer an extensive range of bins in different capacities. Our smallest bin has a capacity of 2 cubic meters and is the ideal choice for small residential cleanouts. Our largest mini bin size is 9 cubic meters. For those requiring even more waste storage space, we can provide roll-on roll-off bins upon request. Roll-on Roll-off bins have capacities that range between 10 and 28 cubic meters. Most of our bins can fit in a driveway. However, you should always confirm sizing before you hire. If needed, our staff can supply you with the exact linear dimensions of our bins to help you make the best choice. Ultimately, you must take time to visualize the amount of space your waste materials require before you hire your mini bin.

How to Select Which Size of Mini Bin to Hire?

There are many factors to consider in your mini bin selection. Overall, the most crucial consideration will be the amount of waste that you need to dispose of. You must carefully determine how much capacity you’ll require since our bins should never be overloaded. Once your waste is inside a bin, no single item can surpass the brim of the bin. If you need extra assistance, one of our helpful team members can assist you in choosing the right bin. Another important consideration when selecting your bin size is the dimensions of your driveway and street. Larger trucks often transport larger bins, which must be able to reach your location. At the same time, you need to make sure you have enough space to place the bin, be it in your driveway or somewhere else. In some cases, you might need to get a council permit to keep a bin on the driveway. Prepping beforehand will help you prevent any unexpected problems. 

Bottom Line

Mini bin skip hire Adelaide services are an excellent solution to manage waste disposal for a variety of projects in one single step. The only thing you need to do to guarantee your mini bin’s functionality and ease of use is to make a good bin selection. In essence, the right bin for your waste type and capacity needs assure your clean-out will be completed successfully. For more information on our mini bin services, feel free to contact us at (08) 8443 9390.


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