What Not to Dispose of in Your Skip Bin in Adelaide

One of the major issues skip bin hire companies face is unwanted substances being dumped in their containers. In addition, many substances are not allowed in bin skips in Adelaide because:

  • It’s illegal. The disposal of some materials is covered by laws, and the only way you can properly dispose of them is by using professionals. There’s also the possibility that the skip bin hire company isn’t equipped to handle them.
  • They’re harmful. Harmful substances aren’t allowed in skip bins because they can seep through the skips and contaminate the environment.

There are more reasons why some things aren’t allowed in skip bins, but these are the most prominent reasons in Adelaide. Here are some things you shouldn’t dispose of in skips:


One thing you should never dump in a mini bin is Asbestos. Asbestos is a material commonly found in roofing, walls, flooring and most construction projects. If it’s related to a housing structure, asbestos is most likely located in it.

The problem is that asbestos fibres are highly toxic and cause a wide range of diseases. In addition, inhaling asbestos fibres leads to a wide range of respiratory diseases, so the last place it should be is a skip bin where it can easily move around your Adelaide environment.

Tell the skip companies about it if you need to dispose of your construction waste in skips as they may require special instructions. But to be on the safe side, call in professionals for your asbestos waste disposal.

Harmful Liquid substances 

There are harmful liquid substances that shouldn’t be put in skips. One of the primary reasons is because they can leak out of the skip and pollute your environment. “But what are harmful liquid substances? “Let’s start from your garage. Your engine oil, antifreeze, fuel and other automobile liquids should never be put into your skips.

In your home, your chemical cleaning supplies shouldn’t be disposed of in a skip. Instead, you should dump it down your drain. Your pesticides and paints are other things you shouldn’t put in a skip.

Avoid putting all these as they’re not permitted.


Electronics such as old radios, phones, televisions etc., shouldn’t be put in skips. The reason why electronics aren’t permitted is that their batteries contain toxic materials such as arsenic, mercury etc., 

When you dispose of electronics in skips, some of these chemicals could react with other things in the bin and cause fires. So instead of throwing your electronics away, give them to steel companies that accept electronics or any scrap metal you may have.

Miscellaneous materials

Other things aren’t allowed in skips. For example, don’t put long branches in a skip you rent for green waste; they could damage the bins. Likewise, don’t throw your gas cylinders away; they are highly explosive, so get professionals to handle them instead.

Tyres and mattresses aren’t allowed in bin skips in Adelaide also. However, skip companies differ in what they accept, so you can always call ahead to confirm what they don’t want in their skips.

At Minibin, we accept various types of waste in our skip bins. Tell us the size of skip bin you need, and we’ll get it to you right away!


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