What is the Ideal Skip Bin Size for Your Project?

Hiring a skip bin is the easiest way to dispose of your rubbish. It does not matter if your project will produce large or small amounts of waste. Skip bin hire comes in a variety of sizes to suit all needs.

The problem is, skip bin sizes are always indicated in cubic metres. Many people cannot picture how much waste a cubic meter can take. It is also sometimes challenging to estimate the expected amount of rubbish accurately. That is why choosing the right skip bin size can be confusing.

There is no best skip bin size rule that would apply to all situations. In the end, it will depend on the nature of every project. However, here are some general guidelines to help you choose:

Small Mini Bins

These are best for small projects, such as small clean-ups or home renovations. If you have a small bathroom renovation, a three cubic metre skip bin would do the job. It can take a small bathtub and the packaging of new items. 

A three or four cubic metres skip bin can also be suitable for other small projects, such as moving houses or spring clean-ups. It will depend mainly on how much rubbish you are throwing away. In general, you can fit a couple of small furniture pieces along with other small items in these skip bins.

Medium Size

Kitchen renovations are similar to bathroom renovations. However, they might need a larger skip bin if you are throwing away appliances, such as dishwashers. We recommend that you book a five or six cubic metre skip bin. For garden clean-ups, general household waste and old furniture, it is advisable to hire a six or seven cubic metre skip bin. 

Large Skip Bins

For a home renovation, where you are building or demolishing, a nine cubic metre skip bin will be suitable. These projects usually produce more waste than expected. Therefore, hiring a larger skip bin will be a good idea. If you have a deceased estate, where you are clearing out the entire house, you would need a twelve cubic metre skip bin. It can take all your old furniture and other trash you want to get rid of.

Go One Size Bigger

It is usually best to go one size bigger when hiring a skip bin. There will always be some extra waste, you were not anticipating. Hiring a larger skip bin will save you from having to book another bin in the middle of your project. 

Minibin is a national provider of premium skip bins Adelaide across Australia. We offer an array of skip bin sizes that we guarantee to suit all needs. You can choose a skip bin from two to nine cubic metres. If you require a larger skip bin, we can supply a larger ‘roll-on, roll-off bin’. Their sizes vary between ten and twenty-eight cubic metres.

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