What Is Included in My Skip Bin Hire Service?

Before you go out there and hire any rubbish dump service, you have to find out first what you are paying for. Otherwise, you might end up with a skip bin hire that doesn’t fit your needs. The more informed you are, the better your skip bin hire decision will be.

If you are considering working with MiniBin Adelaide for your next clean-up project, read on. In this post, we’ll get into everything our Adelaide skip hire services include and how we’ll save you time and money.

What Is Included in Your MiniBin Adelaide Skip Hire?

At MiniBin, we set up our skip bin hire services to provide the most convenience to our Adelaide clients. 

We don’t want you ever to push back deadlines or sacrifice your safety on your residential or construction clean up. To achieve full client satisfaction, we tailor our services to make rubbish dumping as easy and quick as possible.

Other rubbish dumping services require you to hire a trailer or organize the different aspects of clean up and dumping. This is both expensive and time-consuming.

When you hire a skip bin with MiniBin, you’ll get your bin where you need it, when you need it. You can hire a skip from the comfort of your Adelaide home with a simple phone call. Then, all you have to do is load up your skip, right where you are. Afterwards, we pick up the skip and take care of the rest. No hassle. No stress.

What Skip Bin Sizes Do We Offer?

Whether your project is large or small, MiniBin counts with a wide variety of skip bins Adelaide. The capacity of our skips ranges from 2 to 9 cubic meters. However, for those requiring a more substantial capacity, we can also provide roll-on, roll-off bins.

With our wide variety and reliability, it’s no surprise we are Adelaide’s go-to provider for all skip bin hires.

What Types of Waste Can You Load in Your Skip Bin Hire?

We offer specialized skip bins for a wide variety of waste. For most Adelaide projects, a general waste skip hire will meet requirements. However, for specific needs, you can select one of the following skips:

100% Clean Fill

These bins can be loaded exclusively with clean fill. That means, no amount of grass, rocks or roots can be disposed of using these containers.

100% Concrete and Bricks

As expected, these bins can only be filled with concrete and bricks. These bins are especially suitable to clean up construction sites. Since these bins contain heavy materials, there’s no weight load limit on this skip hires.


Our green waste skip bin hires are an excellent choice for those in need to dispose of large amounts of green waste. Any variety of grass, roots, branches, and wood materials can be disposed of here.

Mixed Heavy

Mixed heavy skip hires are suitable for clean up projects that involve concrete, bricks, general and green waste. Putrescible waste, hazardous materials and tyres, however, cannot be disposed of in these containers.

MiniBins Adelaide Skip Hire

If you are looking for an all-inclusive rubbish dump service, look no further than Minibin. Hire your skip today on our website or call us at (08) 8443 9390.


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