What Happens After Your Mini Bin Hire

The mini bin hire process is quite simple, but what comes after it? That’s what you all want to know, and we’ll be telling you shortly. These processes also apply when you hire a mini bin from Mini Bin.

After your first mini bin hire, you’re looking forward to receiving your mini bins or at least know what you’re expecting. Well, it’s simply what happens to your mini bin after you hire; it is up to you. Putting it elaborately, here are some things that happen after you hire a mini bin:

Delivery or pick up

The mode of delivery of your mini bin hire depends on the size of your order and preference. If you’re ordering a large number of mini bins and would like them to be delivered to you, we will come to your Adelaide home with your mini containers. 

And, if you’d instead pick up your mini bins yourself, you can come to our site at Thebarton and pick it up! With delivery, you can get your mini bin delivered wherever you want; a construction site or your restaurant. So we can say the first stage after you hire your mini bin is the stage where you receive the mini bins.


The next stage of the mini bin hire is usually when you use the bin for what you hired it for and the duration. For example, let’s say you plan to use it for your household waste and rented it for five days. This stage covers that whole process and lasts the longest because it is the entire point of your hire. 

Before filling your mini bin with waste, you should know the type of waste you want to dispose of in the mini bin. Not all types of waste are accepted to be disposed of in a mini container. So before you hire, familiarise yourself with one of our helpful articles on what and what can’t be put in a mini bin.

Retrieval and disposal

Once you’re done using the mini bin, this is when we’ll come in to take your mini bin once the period of your hire has expired. At this stage, you’ve put all your waste into the mini bin, and you’re ready for it to be taken away from your driveway. Once we’ve taken your mini bin filled with the proper waste, we’ll dispose of it.

For your hassle-free mini skip bin hire Adelaide, Mini Bin is here for you. Contact us to get a mini container for the project you’re planning.


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