What Can You Dispose of in a Skip Bin?

Before you carry out that assignment or project, one of the things that’ll be on your mind is getting a skip bin. Do you know, however, that you can’t just put any type of waste in a skip bin? It’s better to know what you can dispose of before you hire a skip bin. Problems can come up when you discover that you disposed of the wrong type of waste.

Note that in all these cases, the skip bin must not be filled above the rim. For a smooth skip bin hire process, here are some things you can dispose of in a skip bin:

Household Waste

Household waste can be placed in most skip bins. Household waste includes food scrap, paper, bottles etc. The kind of waste that falls under this category is waste produced in your Adelaide kitchen, bathroom or general living area. Household waste is under the category of non-hazardous waste as it can be recycled or composted.

You must note that it’s just any type of waste produced in your home that counts as household waste.

Don’t dump old batteries or spoilt devices in a skip bin meant for household waste. Only non-hazardous waste should be dumped with household waste. For example, you could dump green waste from your garden into it.

Green Waste

Oftentimes, green waste comes from the garden or any landscaping activity. They consist of waste that can be composted, such as leaves, tree bars, branches, grass etc. When you want to dispose of green waste, don’t mix it with any other type of waste. Green waste produces methane while decomposing, and this can’t be combined with different kinds of waste.

You shouldn’t put long, sharp branches into the skip bin as it can damage the bin. And the last thing you want is to damage a skip bin you just hired.

Solid Waste

The type of waste that falls under this include bricks, cement, stones etc.  After construction or renovation projects, you’ll need a skip bin. As with every other thing, you need to ensure that only solid waste is placed in such containers. Some of the waste that falls under this category, such as asbestos, is hazardous, so proper disposal is necessary.

When you hire a skip bin, you should note that you dispose of the same type of waste in one skip bin. Don’t mix solid waste with green waste or mix any kind of waste. If you produce other types of waste that don’t fall under this category, contact Mini Bin. 

Mini Bin is your best bet for all your skip bin hire Adelaide needs. We’ll be waiting for your call!


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