What Can My Skip Bin Accommodate?

Skip bins are the ideal solution to dispose of a wide variety of waste. However, not all skip bins can be loaded with all types of garbage.

The skip bin you hire will depend on what your rubbish dumping needs are. An Adelaide home clean-out might involve very different types of rubbish than a construction site, for example.

If you plan to hire a skip bin for your next Adelaide property clean-out, get familiar with the different types of containers first. This way, you’ll be confident you booked the right bin for your needs.

Different Kinds of Skip Bins for Hire at Mini Bin Adelaide

100% Concrete and Brick Skips

As the name suggests, these skip bins can contain two items: concrete and bricks. Any other material should not be loaded here as it could cause problems at the disposal facility. If you need to dispose of different materials as well, you can consider the other options listed below.

Otherwise, these skips can work correctly for those looking to dispose of large quantities of concrete and brick resulting from construction.

100% Clean Fill Skip Bins

The only component that can dump unto this skip bin is clean fill. All other items, even in minimal quantities, should be avoided. Otherwise, disposal facilities might refuse to approve the bin. 

Before you hire a clean-fill skip bin for your Adelaide clean out, make sure that it perfectly meets your rubbish disposal needs.

General Waste Bin

You can load most types of waste can onto a general waste skip bin, which is why it is one of our most booked bin types. However, there are a few exemptions. 

Bricks, concrete and soil, which are standard components of construction waste, cannot be dumped on a general waste bin. Other items to avoid are food, hazardous waste, insulation material of any kind, liquids, gas bottles, empty chemical containers, tyres, mattresses, computer monitors, and hard drives.

Additionally, load limits do apply to general waste skip bins Adelaide, so make sure you keep these in mind.

Green Waste Bin

If organic content makes up all of your rubbish, a green skip bin hire is the perfect choice for you. These bins can contain all sorts of green waste, such as grass clippings, branches, woodchips, and bark. However, no other kinds of garbage will be able to be loaded here.

Tip: When loading your skip bin, make sure no branches protrude from the sides or top.

Mixed Heavy Skip

You can fill this type of bin with rubbish from most residential clean-ups. Acceptable contents include bricks and concrete, general and green waste. 

For these skips, there are also several inadmissible products that you should avoid at all costs. These include perishable goods, hazardous materials, liquids, gas or chemical bottles, tyres, and computer monitors.

Hire the Perfect Skip Bin at Mini Bin Adelaide

For more information on waste-specific bins and how to load them, contact us via email at info@minibin.com.auor call us at (08) 8443 9390.


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