What Can and Can’t Put in a Hired Mini Bin

Most hired mini bins have certain types of waste they do and don’t accept. Don’t just put any kind of waste into a mini bin because you’ve hired it. It’s more likely the skip bin hire Adelaide company doesn’t deal with such type of waste. 

The good news is that most mini bin hires are uniform in the types of waste they accept and reject. So once you know what A collects and rejects, you’ll most likely know what B does too.

So here are some things you can and can’t put in a hired mini bin:


Here is a list of items you shouldn’t put in a mini bin you’ve just hired.

  • Chemicals And Other Hazardous Liquid

You can’t put chemicals in a mini bin because of how toxic and corrosive they are. Chemicals can destroy mini bins, and most min bin hire companies wouldn’t appreciate that. Plus, there’s a high possibility the chemical or any hazardous liquid can leak out of the mini bin and pollute the environment.

  • Car Batteries

Batteries contain corrosive acids that are strong enough to melt the plastic the mini bins are made out of. You shouldn’t put car batteries into a mini bin you’ve hired since it can destroy it. Plus, most waste facilities don’t accept battery waste. Look for companies in Adelaide that accept scrap metal; they often accept batteries because they are a good source of scrap metal.

  • Electronics

Don’t put your old electronics in a mini bin. Most waste facilities don’t accept electronics because there are other places they are taken to. Old or faulty electronics are taken to metal companies that want to use them for their scrap metal.

Other things you can’t put in a hired mini bin include tyres, mattresses, insulation material, etc.


Here is a list of things you can put in your hired mini bin:

  • Organic Waste

Organic waste such as grass clippings, branches, woodchips, and bark are accepted in any mini bin you hire. You should be careful not to include tree branches that may protrude out the sides of the mini bin.

  • General Waste

Household waste falls under this category. Items like food scraps, used bottles, and cans, etc., can be placed into a min bin for hire. It’s advisable you sort out the recycling items from the pile and send them to a recycling centre. 

Mixing waste is one thing most mini bins hire companies don’t tolerate. Once you state that you need a mini bin for a particular waste type, only that type of waste should be placed inside. 

  • Mixed Waste

You can place concretes and bricks along with general household waste into a mini bin. It is called mix heavy because it includes household waste and general or green waste. This combo usually happens during a general household clean or renovations project.

Before you hire a mini bin, you should ask them what type of waste you can and can’t place into it. Knowing this will save you a lot of headaches as mini bin hire companies tend to have a page dedicated to what can and can’t be placed into their mini bins.

You can check our website to know what we, at MiniBin, want in our mini bins! You can contact us so we can clear up any questions you may have!


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