Types Of Rubbish You Can Dispose Of When You Hire A Mini Bin In Adelaide

Before you hire a mini skip bin in Adelaide, it’s helpful to know what and what not you can’t dispose of in it. When you know what you can dispose of in a mini bin, you’ll be aware of whether a mini bin would be appropriate for the job you want to use it for. 

Also, it will hurt if you find out that you can’t dump a particular type of waste inside after you hire a bin in Adelaide.

This guide will let you know of the types of waste you can and can’t dispose of in the mini bin you’re about to hire:

Solid waste

As the name implies, this type of waste includes waste that’s hard, often containing cement or sand. The type of waste we consider as solid waste in Mini Bin is cement, brick, gravel, sand, rubble and debris leftover from Adelaide construction projects. Most materials that fall under solid waste are usually inorganic and do not decompose.

Household items like glass, ceramics etc., can also be dumped in a mini bin requested for this purpose. Only solid waste should be dumped in a mini bin for this purpose- don’t mix it.

General household waste

This type of waste usually encompasses all the types of waste produced in a home. It Includes food scraps, dirty liquids, bottles and plastics that can be found in the home. To make listing all the types of waste under general household waste easy, we shall group them according to their forms and sources.

  • Kitchen waste: Most types of waste you produce in your kitchen can be dumped into a mini bin for general household waste. Food scraps, food cans or bottles, dirty liquids, food wraps etc., fall under this subcategory.
  • Bathroom waste: This also includes the types of waste you produce in your room and bathroom. Used shaving sticks, empty skincare bottles, soap packs etc., fall under this too. 

Most of the waste you use in your home gets to the same mini bin, so pretty much everything goes. However, you should note that materials like used batteries, old mechanic parts etc., shouldn’t be in the mini bin.

Green waste

All organic waste gotten from gardens, yards and households can be classified as green waste. If you’re a gardener or in the landscaping business, most of the waste you see falls under this. They include grass clippings, tree barks, wood chips, plants and all garden waste. 

Long tree branches shouldn’t be put into a green waste mini bin. If you want to put long branches into a mini bin, break it, so it doesn’t burst through its sides. Also, ensure nails and hard materials don’t make their waste with the green waste.

Mixed waste

General household waste, solid and green waste can be placed in a mixed waste mini bin. This type of waste will be especially helpful during home renovations since you’ll be dumping green and solid waste into the same min bin. However, putrescible waste of any kind, hazardous substances, bottles etc., can’t be placed into this mini bin.

Hopefully, this will guide you in knowing which skips Adelaide the type of waste you want to dispose of falls under. If you can’t see a particular type of waste here, you can contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to clarify!


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