Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Skip in Adelaide

Before you make any household or business decision, you should ask questions. The process of skip hire could be simple, but, as with most endeavours, things could go wrong. Before you decide to hire a skip from any Adelaide bin company, you should ask these five questions. They’ll help you eliminate the unworthy questions and pick the right ones.

Do You Deliver Skips?

Skip bins are substantial, and unless you’re experienced in transporting them, collecting them yourself is a bad idea. Special trucks skip hiring use in delivering them to sites, and trying to do it yourself will be very stressful.

Typically, skip hire companies deliver it to the location where you want to use it. You can take it as a red flag if you have to pick it up yourself. So one of the first questions you have to ask is whether they deliver skips within Adelaide; it determines how the hiring process goes.

What Sizes Of Skip Bins Do You Have?

Skip bins come in various sizes, ranging from 2 to 9 cubic meters. Asking the skip hire company the measures before your book is essential as they may not have the size you need. You should also know the skip size you’ll need for your project.

Small household projects can use only the small sizes, while you’ll need to get a much more enormous scope for large construction projects. Please go through our blog or message us for tips on choosing the appropriate size you need.

What Types Of Waste Do You Accept?

Before you rent the skip bin, you’ll already know the waste you want to dispose of in it. But are you sure the skip hire company accepts it? Some skip hire companies in Adelaide that don’t take construction waste, while others reject construction waste.

You’ll need to know before hiring, so you can avoid any problems that can arise after hiring. Another thing you should take note of is that you shouldn’t dispose of multiple wastes in a skip. If you’re renting a skip for green waste, don’t dump concrete and bricks into it. 

How Long Can I Rent Your Skip For?

If you’re planning a massive project, you could need the skip for as long as two weeks or a month. Before renting, you should ask how long you can rent the bin. Some skip companies only rent their skips on a short-term basis, which won’t work if you need a long-term hire. Make sure you ask because finding a replacement skip on short notice can take a while.

How Much Are Your Skip Hire in Adelaide?

The prices of bins differ based on the size you’re hiring, with the larger sizes costing more than, the smaller sizes. Ask a skip hire company for their flat rate and if you think they’re charging too high, ask five more companies. Once you compare their rates, making an informed choice gets more manageable.

These are the top 5 questions you need to ask to ensure you enjoy your skip hire. Mini Bin offers the best price for value in Adelaide; we can guarantee you will find better prices and quality elsewhere. A trial will convince you.


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