Top 4 Reasons to Choose Mini Bins for Your Skip Hire in Adelaide

There are a lot of skip hire companies you can choose from in Adelaide. Each skip hire has what makes them unique and, supposedly, the best choice for you. 

But just so you know, no other skip hire can give you what mini bin can.

This is not the first time you’re hearing this promise, so the question is, why choose Mini Bin? Here are 4 reasons why you should come to mini bin for your skip needs:

Experienced experts and reputable

We’ve been in the skip hire business for over a decade, which means we’ve probably seen it all. There’s nothing you need that we’ve not dealt with, and we continue to evolve according to the needs of our Adelaide clients daily.

When you hire skips with us, you’re hiring a company you trust is specially dedicated to dealing with your needs. 

Another thing that sets us apart is our workers and their skillset. They’re all highly experienced and courteous when dealing with customers. So polite, we’ve never gotten complaints about our staff.

Reputation is a big deal to many people, and we understand that. Because how can you trust a business that nobody seems to know about? 

Or one that only has bad reviews? We want to be held accountable and transparent, so we’ve built a name for ourselves online. You can easily search our name, and you’ll see our reviews.

You’re getting a transparent company with experts that know what they’re doing.

Easy skip hires

Our skip hire is so renowned in Adelaide because of how easy it is. You can book a bin from our website from wherever you are. 

Once you know the skip bin size you want, the waste you want to dump into it, and your location, you’re set to go. You can select how long you want the bin, whether it’s for short- or long-term purposes.

You can also select the size of skip bins you want; we have bins ranging from 2 to 9 cubic metres.

You don’t have to fill any annoying forms or answer many questions. Our process is easy; go to our website, fill in your information and wait for the bin to get to you. 


One thing we’re known for is our efficiency. Right from the onset, you’ll be privy to our fast response time.

Then, when you book a bin, you get your order within 24 hours. You don’t have to wait days before receiving your bins in Adelaide because we know how urgent your needs are. We’re always early to drop and pick up our bins. We pick up the bin when we say we will; no time is wasted with us. 


The type of waste we accept is very flexible, meaning we accept almost every kind. We accept constructions, household, clean-fill etc., waste. The only type of waste we don’t accept are hazardous ones such as chemicals, asbestos, gas tanks etc. 

If you’re unsure which category your waste falls under, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us if you have any more questions about the skip hire process; message us, and we’d be glad to help.


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