The Process of Skip Bin Hire in Adelaide: What to Expect

If you’re new to skip bin hire in Adelaide, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of options and processes you’ll be going through. Firstly, hiring a skip bin is very easy; any hire company that makes the process hard is one you shouldn’t go far. Naturally, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

So, what then makes the skip bin hire process peculiar? Everything from choosing the right skip bin company, the appropriate bin size and other things involved. After you’ve read this guide, you’ll know all about the skip bin hire process and what to expect:

Deciding the skip bin hire company in Adelaide use

The first process to skip bin hire is figuring out where you’ll hire from. The whole process depends on the company you choose because it will be smooth or very difficult. You should ensure the skip bin hire company has provisions for online hiring; you don’t have to go to their physical shop to get your bin.

The Adelaide skip company should also deliver the skip bins to you and if you need to sign too many papers, look for another company.

Ordering process

Once you’ve found the perfect skip hire company, the ordering process commences. The first stage of the ordering process is choosing the skip bin size. This is the stage most people get stuck at because “what size of skip bin would I need?”. 

When you’re new to hiring skip bins, the sizes would be new to you because you’re used to mini containers.

  • Selecting skips

You need to consider numerous factors before you choose your skip bin. Look at the type of waste you want to dispose of and how long you’ll be needing it. It’s better to order a bigger skip bin than you’d need, rather than downsizing.

Small skip bins would be inadequate, and you’d have to spend more money renting more containers. 

  • Duration

The duration of your skip bin hire is very important because the company needs to know when they’ll come to pick it up. You need to put an accurate date, so there’s no mix-up with pick-ups.

  • Delivery location

Where would you want the skip bin delivered to? If you’re using the skip bin on construction or commercial site, but the correct address and the time you’d like to receive the containers.

After all these, you’d be given a bill and then pay.

Waiting time

Once you’ve hired your skip bin, you then wait for your containers to arrive. You should order days before you need the skips, so it comes early, and you get the size you want. Especially if it’s an urgent task or project, you don’t want any delays in getting your order.

These are the processes expected during the skip hiring process. Experience a stress-free and efficient hiring process with MiniBin. You can order your skip bin on our website and receive it on the needed date. Have any questions? Message us!


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