The Guide to Hiring a Skip Bins: What You Can and Cannot Put in a Skip Bin

Before you hire something, whether it’s gear or equipment, it’s advisable you know how to treat it. You wouldn’t want to misuse hired gear or equipment in such a way that it would affect its quality; this is the case with skip bins. Dumping certain things into skip bins in Adelaide can affect their quality or potentially damage them, so you have to be careful.

Another reason why you can’t put some items into skip bins is because of the danger they pose to the environment. Before hiring skip bins, you should -have a list of things you can and cannot dump in them. You don’t have to search too far; what you can and cannot put in a skip bin are:

Things you can put into our skip bins in Adelaide include:

Household Waste

You can put household waste into a skip bin, they’re usually non-hazardous and compostable, so there’s no harm in putting it in skip bins.

Most types of waste you produce in your Adelaide home can be disposed of in skip bins. You can throw broken kitchenware into your skip bins; old clothes and toys are some other things you can dispose of. 

Paper waste, used cans and cosmetic bottles etc., are all allowed in skip bins. We don’t encourage disposing of plastic bottles and cans that are still in good condition because of recycling. We’d prefer if you set your bottles and cans aside for recycling.

Green Waste

Green waste is the type of waste produced in the garden and during landscaping projects. They include flowers, soils leaves, grass, tree branches etc. You should ensure that the tree branches aren’t too long, so they don’t poke through the sides of the skip bin.

Also, be careful not to include stones in the green waste bin; it’s not accepted. 

Renovation Waste

Renovations or construction waste is tricky; some things are acceptable, and others are unaccepted. Generally, bricks, concrete, metal and woods are accepted, but asbestos isn’t because of its toxicity.

Asbestos causes a wide range of respiratory problems so it’s disposal is very sensitive. Call professionals to handle any asbestos waste left after a renovation project.

Things you can’t put in our skip bins:

Chemicals And Flammables

Don’t put toxic chemicals into skip bins; they can melt through the skip bin and render it useless. You should also avoid putting gas bottles or fuel into any skip bin; one wrong move and you could have a severe fire on your hands.

Electronics And Batteries

Electronics have no place in a skip bin, mainly since they can be recycled. Instead of throwing your electronics away, take them to a metal company that needs the scrap metal.

Batteries are another thing with controversial disposal needs. You shouldn’t place them in skip bins; instead, you should place them in a regular bin and take them to the waste station you use.

Skip Bins in Adelaide

At MiniBin, we accept a wide range of wastes.You shouldn’t place them in any skip bin, instead you should call us to handle it.


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