The Bin Sizes We Offer Here at Minibins

Skip bins are beneficial for keeping a wide range of waste. If you’re having problems finding the right waste bin in Adelaide, it is time to get mini bins. With mini skip bins, you can effectively store and dispose of a large amount of waste. However, you have to determine the size of the mini bins you need when you hire a skip bin. 

Depending on the waste you want to dispose of, you need to get the skip bin’s right size. Mini bins can’t be too full, so you need to get the right size. At Mini Bins, we offer a wide range of bin sizes.  Here are the bin sizes we offer at Minibins skips Adelaide:

  • 2 cubic metres
  • 3 cubic metres
  • 4 cubic metres
  • 6 cubic metres
  • 9 cubic metres

After looking at the size you might need, you can further confirm the bin size on our website. Need further help narrowing down the size of mini bins you should book? Then you should keep reading. Here are some factors that affect the size of the mini bins you’ll need.

The amount of waste

  • In the home

If you need mini bins for your Adelaide home, then the size you’ll get depends on the amount of waste you produce in your home. How many members do you have living in your house? Do you and your family members create a vast amount of garbage? Do you have a garden or lawn that you get a lot of green waste from? You should evaluate your home and decide whether a small skip bin or big one will suffice.

  • In your business:

If you want to get mini bins for your Adelaide business, you should look at how much waste your business generates. Does your company only have paper waste? Or is your business a restaurant, and you need mini bins for food waste? Take all the departments of your business or company and the waste they produce into consideration.

Type of waste

The type of waste you need the mini bins for also determines the size you’ll get. If you need the mini bins for concrete and brick waste, you will need a more significant and sturdier skip bin. However, if you need the mini bins for green waste or general waste, you won’t necessarily need an enormous size. You should look at the waste you need the skip bins for and decide if they need small or big mini bins.

Determining the size of mini bins is easier said than done, so why don’t you contact us, Mini Bins, so we can help you? We will advise you on the mini bin’s size that will fit your purpose.  The cost to hire our skip bins is very affordable, so why don’t you give us a call so we can help you now. 


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