The Best Skips to Hire in Adelaide

Skips are used in everyday life; you need skips in your Adelaide home, commercial or industrial building. As long as you produce waste, you need a skip bin in your house. 

However, you need to be careful when hiring skips in Adelaide; not every skip you come across is of good quality. Weak skips will get cracks and eventually break, which will spill all the waste you’ve put into them everywhere. 

So, where would you begin to pack all the waste from? Avoid this by hiring skips from the best place in Adelaide, MiniBin. Our skips are the best because:

Inclusive Sizes

We have skips in a wide variety of sizes that will assist you with whatever project you’re having. Whether you need the skips for a deep house clean or a commercial project, we have the required sizes.

In addition, you can get your skip bins in either roll-on or roll-off sizes so you can push them around your home or site easily. If you don’t know how long you’ll need the skips for, you should order a bigger size than you need to prevent waste from spilling over your driveway. 

Our skip sizes vary; they start from 2 cubic metres to 9 cubic metres. You may need the exact dimension of the skip bins to know if they can be wheeled into your Adelaide home. 

If you need this information, contact us, and we’d be more than happy to advise you on the size that can fit into your home. We can also advise you on the skip bin size that would suit your planned project best.

Prompt Delivery

Swift deliveries are guaranteed when you order skips from us. Many Adelaide homeowners have faced the disappointment of not receiving their skip bin when they need it. You won’t have that problem with MiniBin, though. We deliver the skips hours before you need them.

However, you will also have to assist us if you want your skips to be delivered to you early. If you need a skip bin for an event or project on a particular day, it’s better you order it days before so we can start sorting your order. 

There’s a possibility the skip bin size you want won’t be available, or you’ll have to wait before it can get to you.

Pickups Are Hassle-free

During the hiring process, you’ll be asked how long you’ll be needing the skip bin. You must fill in the correct date because that’s when we’ll come to pick up the skips. 

We don’t delay our pickups because we know how much skip bins can pollute a neighbourhood and your Adelaide home. You don’t have to worry about signing anything when we come to pick the skip bin up. 

Our skips are the best you can hire in Adelaide for apparent reasons. As long as you don’t put unacceptable waste into our skips, you won’t encounter any problems throughout the hiring process.

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