Skip Bins In All Shapes And Sizes

The skip bins we have at Mini Bin come in all shapes and sizes, but that should be a given. If you’re finding it hard to get skip bins in your preferred size, come to Mini Bin. There are many other reasons you should use us as your skip bin hire Adelaide

Apart from the fact that we have a variety of skip bins for you, here are some other things good about our skip bins:

The shapes and sizes

It may seem like repetition, but it has to be said, our skip bins come in all shapes and sizes. It can’t be overemphasized because it means that whether you need a skip bin in your home or your company, we have a perfect size. Our skip bins range from 2 cubic metres to 9 cubic metres. If the project you require a skip bin for is quite large, we have a larger ‘roll-on, roll-off bin’ in sizes between 10 cubic metres and 28 metres.

Depending on your preference, you can also get either roll-on or roll-off bins. We also have skip bins that are small or portable enough to be used on your residential driveway. If you’d need help selecting the skip bin that fits your needs, contact us.

Delivery to your location

You don’t have to come to us to get your skip bins; we can bring them to you- within twenty-four hours at that! Our booking process is extremely stressful and hassle-free, and uncomplicated. The type or quantity of skip bin you order doesn’t affect the delivery process or time. Our delivery option also applies to our Adelaide commercial and residential clients.

You can hire our skip bin for as long as you need it.


Once you hire our skip bins, we can begin the waste pick up immediately! But first, you need to let us know the waste you wish to dispose of in our waste bin. We need to know because there are some types of waste we do not accept. And the price of our skip bin varies depending on the waste disposed of. 

You no longer have to go to a rubbish dump when Mini Bin is here for you. Plus, you can let that old skip bin in your driveway retire before it gets destroyed. Contact us now so we can get you started.


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