Skip Bins Are a Must for Adelaide Home Renovations…Here’s Why!

You need things needed for Adelaide home renovations — equipment, supplies and a licensed contractor. While getting supplies and equipment for home renovations, people tend to leave Skip bins out. It could be intentional or a mistake, but people tend to disregard the use of skip bins. Meanwhile, skip bins are highly essential in the disposal of the waste left after renovations.

The waste left after renovations isn’t something you want to deal with without skip bins Adelaide. Here are some reasons why:

Proper storage

If there’s one thing we all know about home renovations, it’s that they tend to get pretty messy. After all the walls are knocked down, windows removed etc. It’s only natural that the waste is stored somewhere capable of handling them. Skip bin will save you hours of clean up after your Adelaide home’s renovation is finished. 

You could tell the people working on the renovation to put the heavy bricks or former pieces of your home into the skip bin. While you can handle the small pieces left after they’re gone. This way, once you’re done with the renovations, you can simply have a skip bin for hire to pick up the waste. You won’t have to start finding ways to dispose of the renovations waste.


Dangerous substances, such as asbestos, are let into the air after home renovations. Failing to properly store these materials will help spread these hazardous substances. For example, asbestos can cause lung issues, cancer and other various types of diseases. The only way to ensure that asbestos is contained is by storing it in a skip bin.

If you need a skip bin for building waste, Mini Bin has this. All you need to do is tell us the waste you want to keep in the skip bin and how big you need it.


Recycling shows us that no item is ever truly useless since almost everything can be used again. Or at least be made into newer useful items. When you store building or asbestos waste in a skip bin, it promotes recycling since it isn’t disposed of. Even a harmful substance like asbestos can be recycled to make things like glass, plate ware etc.

Having a skip bin handy during home renovations is a safe, practical and environmentally conscious decision. To hire a skip bin that will come in helpful during your building renovation, come to Mini Bin. Mini Bin can get your skip bin delivered to you wherever you need it in Adelaide. Contact us so we can get your skip bin to you right away!


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