Skip Bin Hire That Doesn’t Cost the Earth…That’s MiniBins!

Skip bin hire are very helpful in every Adelaide home. You rent a bin for as long as you need it instead of buying an expensive one. However, hiring skip bins is quite expensive, with many Adelaide hiring companies. Especially if you plan to use the bins for a while.

It’s quite discouraging because it seems like there are no affordable hire companies. We don’t know about others, but we can vouch for ourselves. Our skip bins come at some of the best rates you will find in Adelaide. 

Especially once you consider the services, we offer. Here’s all you need to know all about our rates:

Type of waste

The amount of money you pay for your Adelaide skip hire depends on the type of waste you want to dispose of. Different types of waste come with their charges. 

In addition, some types of waste require more expertise than others. In comparison, some go through different processes before successful disposal. For example, construction waste contains highly toxic asbestos. So, if you’re renting a skip for construction waste, it may cost more. Another reason why waste differs in price is because of weight. 

The former will be heavier if building and household waste are put in the same sized skip.

Before hiring a skip bin from Mini Bins, state the type of waste you’ll be using it for. We don’t accept all types of waste. Here are the different types of waste we accept:

  • 100% Concrete and bricks: This type of waste is generated from construction projects. However, only two materials are accepted if you hire a bin for this purpose. And they are concrete and bricks.
  • Clean fill: This is also helpful for construction waste. However, you can put more things, such as dirt, cement, gravel, soil, etc. Don’t put any other type of waste, or it’ll be charged for that.
  • General waste: if you’re hiring a skip bin for household purposes, it’ll fall under this category. Don’t mix any chemical substances or electronics with this type of waste.
  • Green waste: Also known as green waste, this consists of grass clippings, branches, wood chips and barks. Don’t put rocks etc., in this type.
  • Mixed heavy: A mix of household and construction waste.

Size of skip bin

The price of a skip bin hire also depends on the size you’re renting. Our bins come in 5 sizes, 2,3,4,5,6 and 9 cubic metres. The smaller sizes cost less than, the larger sizes. 

So, the price of renting a 4 cubic metres bin would be lesser than the 9 cubic metres.

Duration of rent

Another major thing that affects your skip hire price is how long you’ll use it. For example, would you use your bin for a day or week? A longer duration attracts more fees than a shorter one. 

Before you hire a skip bin in Adelaide, consider all these factors. It’ll give you an idea of how much it’ll cost. And even with these factors, our rates are some of the most affordable you’ll see. 

Especially once you consider the quality, we offer. Please message us to know more about the costs of our services.


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