Size Matters When Hiring Skip Bins in Adelaide

Before you buy skip bins, consider the size. Size is a significant factor in every skip bin hire; it has the ability to affect how the skip hire goes. 

You definitely want to avoid going for small skip bins when you’re renting because you’ll have to return or leave them there. As a result, you’d have wasted money that could have been used to purchase big skip bins.

So, when you decide to hire a skip bin in Adelaide, you’ll want to compare the bin with your needs and ensure it’s sizable enough. Size matters a lot with hired skip bins, and here are just some of the reasons why;

Easy transportation

If you plan to transport the skip bins you hire yourself, you’ll definitely need to be careful with the size. Hire a skip bin that’s too small, and you’ll risk dirtying your truck as the skip waste will pour all over the place. 

A skip bin that’s too big would be hard to fit into most trucks, so you’ll be stuck with the dilemma of trying to transport it.

If you plan to be mobile with your skip bin, you’ll definitely want to be extra careful with the skip bin size.


The size o a skip bin determines how effective it’ll be for what you want to use it for. If you’re going to use a skip bin on a construction site, but end up buying one meant for household purposes, it would be useless.

You shouldn’t fill your skip bins above the rim because it would be harder to transport. It could also damage the bin since you’re overloading it. Overfilled skip bins might not be accepted, so you should take note of this.

You’d have ended up buying a bin that you can barely use, and it’ll be too late to exchange it. So, the size of skip bins plays a massive role in how effective it is because choosing the wrong size is a waste of money.

Saves money

The correct skip bin size saves you money. Hire a small skip bin, and you’ll need to purchase multiple bins to go along with it, which would be a waste of money. 

You’ll also want to be careful while booking large skip bins because they’re hard to place. If you don’t have much space in your Adelaide home, you should look at smaller sizes.

Before you book a bin, look at the space where you want to use it, and consider whether it would fit in. You should also calculate how much waste you want to dump into it and how long you’ll be renting it for. 

All of these things will give you an idea of the best skip bin size for you. If you need extra help with selecting the correct sized skip bins, message MiniBin. We have detailed guides that can also help.

You should take size seriously when you’re hiring skip bins since the wrong size will render your whole project useless. 

If you need extra guidance with the right skip size you’ll need, message us. We’ll be more than happy to guide you.


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