Safe Ways to Fill Your Skip Bin!

Hiring a skip bin is a critical part of any waste-producing project you have. It is the easiest and most convenient way to dispose of any amount of rubbish. To get the best out of your Adelaide skip bin hire service, you will need to follow some rules.Before hiring a skip bin, you should estimate the amount and type of waste you are planning to dispose of. You should also ask the skip bin hire company about any weight restrictions they have. All of these factors will help you fill in your Adelaide skip bin efficiently.Here are more guidelines to help you use the skip bin more safely: 

Do Not Overfill the Skip Bin

It is illegal to load a skip bin above the rim. An overfilled skip bin is hazardous to transport. The skip bin hire company will not risk getting fined. There will also be a very high risk of waste spillage on the streets.

If you found yourself running out of space in the skip bin, you can order an extra bin. Of course, it would be better if you estimate the skip bin size right from the start. It will save you the hassle and additional cost. 

Load the Skip Bin Properly

To make the most of your Adelaide skip hire service, you should try to pack the bin as efficiently as possible. Load the rubbish in a way that uses the whole volume of the skip bin. Large, heavy items should lie flat at the bottom of the skip bin. Next, you should place bulky items. Try to break them down first into smaller pieces. At the top, put lightweight objects, such as paper or green waste.The key to proper packing of any skip bin is equal weight distribution. Keeping a balance reduces the risk of your Adelaide skip bin tipping over as you fill it. 

Avoid Throwing Hazardous Waste

One of the best benefits of hiring a skip bin is that you can throw almost anything in it. However, there are still some guidelines you should follow. Some waste types will not be acceptable to throw in your Adelaide skip bin. It usually includes hazardous materials and chemical waste, such as asbestos, explosives, and gas bottles. These items require licensed specialists to handle and dispose of them.

Minibin skip bin hire company is a national provider of premium mini skips across Australia. We have an extensive range of bin sizes to suit all waste removal needs. It does not matter how big or small your Adelaide project is – we have you covered!

We accept an extensive range of waste types in our skip bins Adelaide, including construction waste, building materials, general waste, and green waste. However, some particular waste types are prohibited. If you are not sure which skip bin size and waste types to choose, our experienced team can happily help you.

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