Rubbish You Can Throw Out With a Skip Bin!

No one can deny that hiring a skip bin is the most efficient way of removing rubbish. It can hold large, massive amounts of trash that your regular bin cannot handle. Unlike what many people assume, hiring a bin does not mean you can throw anything in there.

Some strict rules and regulations organize which types of rubbish you can throw in a skip bin. It is essential to understand these rules before hiring the bin. The kind of waste you choose, along with other factors, will affect the skip bin hire price. Also, disposing of prohibited types of waste can result in additional charges.

Here are the types of waste we accept at our skip bin hire Adelaide company:

General Waste

This skipbin type is suitable for most of your general household waste. You can also throw mix green waste in it. So if you have boxes, old furniture, clothes, toys, carpets, or similar types of waste, this is the skipbin type to hire. However, items such as mattresses, computer monitors, hard drives, oils, and paints are prohibited to go in there.

Concrete and Bricks

General waste skip bins can take most of your household waste, except for bricks and concrete, amongst other items. Bricks and concrete must be disposed of separately. Therefore, if you have a home renovation project or building a new extension in your property, this is the skip bin type to hire.

By hiring this bin, your builders will have a designated place to move all unwanted bricks and concrete off-site. All items, other than bricks and concrete, are prohibited to throw in this skipbin type. Even small quantities of these materials are not permitted.


If you are planning to clean your backyard or have a landscaping makeover, this is the skip bin type to hire. You can throw all your regular green waste in it, including grass clippings, branches, woodchips, and bark.

Clean Fill

By hiring this skip bin, you will be allowed to throw only natural materials, such as soil, dirt, and sand in it. Any grass, root, or rock matter is not permitted in this bin. Otherwise, you will be charged for hiring a Mixed Heavy” skip bin instead.

Mixed Heavy

Most waste items are acceptable in this skip bin type. You can throw in your household waste, including bricks and concrete, general and green waste. Hazardous waste, such as asbestos, batteries, LPG gas cylinders and electronic waste is not allowed in any bin type. 

Minibin is a national provider of premium skipbins across Australia. If you are still confused about which bin type to hire, our experienced staff can assist you. They will help you choose the most suitable bin type and size for your needs. 

Get a bin size and type that suits your job and budget. Book your skip bin online today!


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