Moving House? Here’s a Guide to Our Skip Bin Sizes That Will Help Make a Move Easier!

Packing into a new home comes with many obstacles. One of the biggest hurdles is figuring out how to move your things. From your clothes and kitchen utensils to your furniture. Moving boxes don’t always protect them. But there’s a better alternative to boxes when you are moving into your new Adelaide home- Skips.

Yes, the same skip bins are used for waste disposal. If you get the right-sized skip, you’ll finish moving to your new Adelaide home before you know it. So how do you know the right skip for your needs? Here’s all you need to know:

2 and 3 cubic metres

If you live alone and don’t have a lot of things to pack, this skip bin size would be very good. It’s big enough to contain most of the items in your room and small furniture without any issue. However, if you have a lot of things, you might have to go for the 3 cubic metres.

They look the same, but the 3 cubic metres is slightly bigger. Nevertheless, it can accommodate most of the things you’d have in a modest apartment. All your kitchen equipment and utensils should be able to fit into this skip size.

4 cubic metres

This size would be very nice if you have a partner. Or you’ve been living in an apartment for years and moving out for more space. You’d have more furniture, equipment, clothes, and belongings to move in this case.

Clothes and smaller things are easy to move. Meanwhile, furniture is harder to move because it could be quite fragile. If they’re not arranged properly, they could break or have bad scratches. 

If you have shelves, tables, chairs, etc., your best bet is to place them in this skip size. Then, they’re guaranteed to be in pristine condition when they arrive at your new Adelaide home. 

Here’s a guide you can use when arranging your belongings in skips when you move into your new Adelaide home:

  • Place the harder objects at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. So, if you have a sturdy wooden table, it should be one of the first things in the skip. Then you can put more fragile things such as glass tables/shelves or kitchen equipment at the top.
  • Place longer objects vertically to create more space. 
  • Try arranging your chairs or stools to fit in with each other. You don’t want to leave spare space between items.

You’ll be able to save more space if you follow these tips while packing.

6 and 9 cubic metres

If you’re moving from a house and have a family, no doubt you’d be dealing with a lot. You’ll be packing kids’ toys and clothes along with some other things. These are the biggest sizes available and can handle most of your things.

You could get a bin for clothes while another for furniture and equipment. 

If you pack properly, 4 skips could be enough to move successfully in your new Adelaide home. Doubting? Please message us to get answers to all your questions.


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