Mini Bins Takes the Hassle out of Skip Bin Hire in Adelaide

What issues are you having with skip bin hire in Adelaide? Firstly, if you’re encountering any form of stress with your current skip bin hire, you should stop patronising them. 

The whole point of skip hire is so you don’t have to worry about handling your waste, as it’ll already be taken care of.

Unfortunately, bad experiences are bound to happen when you’re dealing with any sort of service, but we’d love to change things for you. 

Mini Bin has the easiest skip bin hire process you’ll ever experience, don’t believe? Here’s how we make things good for you:

Easy hire

The hiring process is often very tedious. Spending hours on a booking process that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. 

A tedious process is frustrating and can discourage from hiring the bin at all, which is why we make our process very easy.

Skip bin hire on our website is probably the easiest you’ll find in Adelaide. 

It’s quick and efficient. You only need to input your details, the type of skip you want, along with its size, and where you want it delivered. 

Payment is also easy and secure- we accept a wide range of credit cards. If you’re having any issues while hiring, all you need to do is call or email us, and you’d get a swift response.

Fast deliveries and pick-ups

You get your skips within 24 hours of hiring from us. Delays in skip deliveries can affect your plans, so we always make it a point to deliver it hours before you need it. 

Although, we also advise that you pay or book for your skip bin days before you need it as it may be unavailable. We deliver to you, wherever you are in Adelaide. No place is off-limits.

Your waste is picked up immediately, it’s due and taken to the rubbish dump. We take the stress of driving to the rubbish dump away, so why not take a break?


Our skip bin hire comes with many options. We have many sizes you can choose from for any type of project you’re planning. 

You can also book our bins for either short- or long-term needs, meaning that you get to use them for as long as possible.

We also have roll-on- or off-bins for easy loading and drop-offs. 

Waste collection

We accept different types of waste in Mini Bin. Household, construction, green, solid and clean fill waste are just some of the ones we take. 

The waste we accept cuts across many projects, so our skips are useful for almost every project.

Before you go through with a skip bin hire from us, however, you’ll need to be sure of the waste you’ll be disposing of. 

We don’t accept every waste and advise our clients to read up on the list of waste we accept and reject. You could also contact us to find out.

Are you tired of the stress that comes with rubbish disposal and skip bin hire? Call us; let’s take some of that stress off you.


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