Mini Bins Makes Skip Hire in Adelaide Simple

Hiring a skip bin in Adelaide is a process many people abhor now because of how complicated waste facilities make it. You don’t have to sign multiple contracts to hire a mini bin; in fact, the process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes with us, Mini Bins. 

We offer many services that make hiring a skip bin with us as stress-free and easy as possible. Here are some ways we make skip hire in Adelaide simple:

Accept A Wide Range Of Waste

Adelaide residents produce a wide variety of waste, some of which are hard to dispose of sometimes. Until you hire a skip bin, you won’t realise how hard it is to dispose of certain types of waste. Building waste, for example, is one waste that’s hard to handle because of the asbestos it contains.

Most Adelaide skip bin hire companies rejects building waste, green waste etc., in their skip bins because of how delicate they are- with MiniBin, you don’t have to worry about your waste being rejected.

We accept a wide range of waste, including household waste, green waste, solid and clean waste. Many things fall under the waste categories above, and it’s rare to see waste we can’t handle. But even if we can’t take your trash, we’ll get you a company that can handle it for you.

Online Booking

You don’t have to drive a far distance when you want to hire skip bins from us. You can book the skip bins you need from the comfort of your bed. In addition, we simplify the booking process by cutting off the need to drive to our depot to fill out any booking forms manually.

All you need to do is fill our form online, and you’ll be getting your skip bin before you know it. You should book your skip bins before you need them so you can get them on or before the date. There’s also the possibility that the skip bin size you want will be unavailable- prevent this by booking early.


Since you can book our skip bins online, there’s no need for you to do them personally. The logistics issue of skip bins is a huge problem during the hiring process because finding transportation trucks can be very hard. Worrying about how to transport skip bins when you’re working is unnecessary with MiniBin. 

We will bring your skip bin to you, wherever you are in Adelaide. Just input the location you want the skip bin delivered to in the online form, and you’ll receive it. 


Our skip bins come in various sizes that will come in helpful regardless of the project. From constructions project to spring cleaning, we have adequate measures. However, knowing the different skip bin sizes and how to select the adequate ones is not an easy feat, so we have helpful articles on our blog that can assist you.

However, you can also give us a call or message, and we’d guide you on selecting the perfect spin size. 

Trust us when we say Mini bin has the simplest and easiest skip bin hire process you can find in Adelaide.


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