Mini Bin Sizes: What Will Suit My Needs?

Before you select your mini bin size, you should ask yourself, “what do I want to use it for?”. Knowing what you want to use it for and how long you’ll need it will guide you in selecting the size you’ll need. Household, business and renovations need will each require different sizes of mini bins.

But if you’re reading this, there’s only one thing you want to know “what mini bin size will suit my needs?” Here are the different sizes of mini skips Adelaide and what you can use them for:

2 cubic meters

For your household waste, this is the best mini bin. If you produce a large amount of waste in your Adelaide home and you’re tired of the frequent visits to the rubbish dump, this would be a good size to invest in. It could extend your rubbish dump visits to once in 2 weeks, depending on how long you want it to be.

It would also be helpful if you’re planning to deep clean your home. This mini bin won’t take up much space in your Adelaide home, so you can pretty much place it anywhere you like. No need to worry about a mini bin taking more space than it needs to.

3 cubic metres

You might think that since this is the smallest size of mini bin we offer, it wouldn’t be of much use. You couldn’t be more wrong because you can use this size of mini bin for construction or landscaping projects. If you’re disposing of concrete or soil, this size will come in very helpful.

This size is useful for dense materials such as concrete, bricks, mortars etc. If you’re planning a minor renovation or construction project, you should get this size. It isn’t too bulky, and you can easily move it around your home or construction site.

4 cubic metres

Landscaping projects produce a whole lot of waste- such as grass, soil, concrete, tree barks etc. It’s like a whirlwind of construction and Mother Nature. The last size of the mini bin you want to get for such projects are sizes that can’t handle the sheer size and heaviness of the waste. You’d be surprised at how fast landscaping waste can fill up a mini bin. 

For all your major landscaping projects, this is the size of mini bin you should be considering. It could also be used for construction projects.

6 and 9 cubic metres

These sizes will come in handy during major construction and remodelling projects. They can both handle major amounts of waste easily without running out of space.

However, they truly shine when you’re trying to dispose of large pieces of furniture such as sofas, tables, wardrobes etc. You can easily layer them in these sizes of mini bins. It’s better to throw old furniture inside mini bins if you don’t want to damage them because you want to reuse them.

These sizes of mini bins are always available for order 7 days out of the week!  What are you waiting for? Order them now!


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