Looking for Skip Bin Hire in Adelaide? Call Mini Bins!

Don’t wait till the day you need a skip bin hire in Adelaide — you should book ahead. If you take too long before hiring a skip in Adelaide, you might not find the size you need. And in a worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to find any skip at all.

Once you’ve decided to book a bin, you’re then faced with the task of finding a skip bin hire. When you’re hiring a skip bin hire, you’ll have to look for these qualities:

  • Expertise
  • Variety
  • Experience
  • Convenience
  • Efficiency

Mini Bins has all these qualities and more which makes us your best bet if you’re looking to hire a skip bin. Here’s why you should call us:


We’ve been in the skip hiring and waste business for over two decades. We’ve seen and done everything skips related in Adelaide and can deal with most problems. However, numerous problems can arise when hiring a skip for the first time in Adelaide. Problems such as:

  • Space. Where will you place the skip bin once you’ve hired it?
  • Size. What skip bin size do you need?
  • Location. How easy is it to get a skip to your location?

You shouldn’t bear these issues alone, and this is where our expertise comes in. We can assist you and provide solutions.


When we say variety, we mean choices. You should have options you can choose from with your skip bin hire. Different skip sizes should be available for you to choose from; after all, you can never say what skip size you’ll be needing. At Mini Bins, we have a range of inclusive sizes you can choose from for any project.

The type of waste you want to get rid of must be acceptable by your skip bin hire in Adelaide. Whether it’s green waste, construction or household waste, Mini Bins accepts all your waste. 

The only type of waste we don’t accept are hazardous substances such as paints, asbestos, chemicals etc. You can call ahead with the waste you want to dispose of to know whether we’ll accept it or not.

Convenience of Skip Bin in Adelaide

There’s one thing you’ll notice while you’re hiring a bin with us; convenience. You won’t experience any form of stress, from booking right to pick up. 

Once you know the skip size you want to order, there’s a booking form you’ll fill on our website. Fill in your skip size, location, type of waste and other necessary details. Once everything is confirmed, you’ll receive your bin.

It’s required that you tell us when you want us to pick up your bin, so there’s no delay. After you’re done using the bin, we’ll pick it up. There’s no need for you to get in your car and make a trip to the landfill or wherever it is you take your trash to. 

Skip Bin in Adelaide

Let Mini Bin help you relax by making skip bin hire easy for you. Do you have any large projects planned? Then, book ahead so that you can secure a skip size.


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