How to Prepare Your Property for a Mini Bin Hire!

When it comes to efficient and convenient waste disposal, mini bin hire services come at the top of the list. To get the most out of your mini bin hire, you need to be prepared first. Just like any other service, mini bin hire has a set of rules and regulations that should be followed.

Besides choosing a suitable size and duration for your mini bin hire, you should consider other factors as well. Here are a few guidelines that will make your mini bin hire go smoother:

Prepare a Suitable Spot 

Before getting your mini bin delivered, you need to make sure you have adequate space for it. The mini bin must be positioned on stable, flat ground. Otherwise, it might cause safety hazards. You might also not be able to fill it correctly.

The empty spot you choose must be large enough to accommodate the mini bin. You should also take the size of the delivery truck into consideration. There should be enough room for the truck to drive in and out smoothly. 

Finding a suitable spot on your own property, such as the driveway or front yard, will be the easier way to go. You will not need a permit, and the mini bin will be in a more secure location. However, if that is not possible, then placing the mini bin outside is another option.

Secure a Permit

If you are going to place your mini bin on a public road or footpath, you will need a permit from your local council. Permits costs differ from one council to another. However, to make sure you get the permit on time, you should apply for it before you hire the mini bin. That is why finding a suitable spot on your private property is more convenient and cost-efficient.

Even with a permit, there are some mini bin hire rules you will still need to follow. For example, you cannot place your mini bin in a place that blocks public access, such as on sidewalks. 

Mini Bin Delivery

On the day of your mini bin delivery, you do not have to be present. However, you need to make sure to provide the driver with clear instructions on where exactly you want your mini bin to be placed.

Once the mini bin has been placed, you should never attempt to move it yourself. Otherwise, you will risk injuring yourself or others. You might also damage your property or the mini bin itself. That is why you need to choose the placement spot carefully from the start.

At Minibin, we are committed to providing our customers with a quick and easy mini bin hire service. You can easily hire your mini bin and pay online through our website. With our prompt delivery service, you can expect your mini bin within 24 hours of booking.

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