How to Decide What Size Skip Hire You Need to Hire

One thing that tends to confuse people who are new to hiring skip bins is what size of skip they need to hire. It’s rightfully confusing, though, because the wrong choice of skip bin can affect how your waste disposal goes.

Hire a skip bin that’s too small, and you’ll need to find extra places to dump your waste; an oversize skip bin will just end up being a waste of money because you won’t end up using most of the space.

Here are some factors you need to look out to ease your decision about what size of skip bin hire you will need:

What You Plan To Use Skip Hire For

What type of waste do you want to dump into the skip bin hire? If you want to use a skip bin to store waste from a deep house clean, you don’t need something too big. The smallest skip bin size will be more than useful for whatever household purposes.

For constructions or renovations projects, however, you’ll need a bigger size. Constructions waste are usually heavier and take up so much space, so you’ll need the biggest size of skip bin you can get your hands on.

What Type Of Waste You Want To Dump Into It

Wastes usually differ from each other. If you’re running a printing company and want a skip bin for your paper waste, a small skip bin will more than suffice for you. Compare this to someone who runs an electronics shop; they’ll need a bigger sized skip bin because of how heavy and bulky electronics tend to be.

Apart from the fact that different types of waste tend to fill up skip bins faster than others, you also need to consider the particular requirements of other types of waste. Waste like electronics or metals have special requirements, so communicate what you want to use your skip bin for before hiring. The skip bin hire Adelaide company will give you the skip bin you need for the job you want to use it for.

When you hire a skip bin from Mini Bin, we usually ask what you want to use it for so we can offer the right size of skip bin needed. 

How Long You Want To Use It For

How long do you want to use the skip bin? The duration of your usage of the skip bin is very important. If you need it for a one-time project, you can get away using a smaller skip bin size. However, if you need the skip bin for days, you’ll need to get a considerably larger size skip bin.

Getting a large-sized bin for long-term projects will reduce how frequently you need to send it back in. 

Do you know the factors you’ll need to select the right skip bin size for you? If you still need some more information, we’d be more than happy to help you at Mini Bin. 

Before you hire a skip bin from Mini Bin, call us to help you make the right choice!


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