How To Best Utilise Your Skip Bin Hire!

When you think of skip hire in Adelaide, the first thing that comes to mind is rubbish disposal. However, there are many things you can use a skip bin for in Adelaide. Skip bins are very large, and that automatically makes them very versatile. You could use it in many different ways.

If you’re hiring it for trash disposal, you could use it in different ways. But if you’re not hiring it for waste disposal, it’s very helpful for moving and storage purposes. So if you want to know more ways to use your skips, keep reading.


When you’ve lived in a house for a long time, you’ll notice that a lot of things have accumulated over time. Most times, you’d want to store them in your attic or garage. But what can you do when you want to use those spaces? Throwing your possessions away isn’t an option. And renting a storage space is an unnecessary expense you can’t afford for a long time. 

However, what you need to do is to get in touch with an Adelaide skip hire company. Then, you can arrange all of your things into the skip and keep them in your garage. Like this, you can clear up needed space and keep your stuff. 

Spring cleaning

Are you planning to deep clean your home or business? If you’ve done this before, you’ll know how messy it can get. Waste from the kitchen, rooms, etc., will all have to be put in one place for easy removal.

Your regular household bin won’t do the job in this case, so you’ll have to go higher. A skip bin would conveniently hold all your accumulated household waste. 

But how will you take all that waste to the rubbish dump when you’re done? Let Mini Bin worry about that. For swift and reliable pickups, come to the Mini Bins. Once you’re done with your clean up, call us, and we’ll be right there to pick it up. 


Moving your furniture can be a challenging task when it comes to moving into a new home. Some moving companies could be quite rough while handling some of your property. So, you’ll be forced to take matters into your own hands. But how can you effectively move your chairs and tables when they can get damaged easily?

The answer is easy – rent a skip! Arrange your chairs, tables, or chinaware in the skip and hand it to the moving company. Like this, the chances of them getting destroyed is lesser. And you can place more things into your moving truck. 

But you don’t have to restrict what you place in a skip to your furniture. Your kitchen equipment and electronics will also do well in a skip. Skips are very spacious and can handle many items when arranged properly. 

What do you need skip bins for? It doesn’t matter. Mini Bins is available to provide for a variety of purposes. Our mini bins come in various sizes that would be helpful for any project. Contact us to book the size you need now.


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