How Far In Advance Should I Book In My Skip Bin Hire?

When you want to book a skip bin for hire, how far ahead to order one depends on you. Once you see you’ll need mini bins for any clean-up you want to do, you should book it. Most of the Adelaide companies that hire skip bins have websites you can order from. All you must do is book the number of mini bins you need and select the date you’ll need them. 

However, you should book for your mini bins 2 days before you need them. Booking mini bins the day you need them may not be the best decision to make. Consider these reasons why you need to book your skip bins in advance.


If you need a large number of mini bins, you need to order ahead. When you book early, it will give the skip bins hire company time to get your order ready; unlike if you book the mini bins the day you need it. When you book a mini bin the day you want to use it, there’s a  possibility that there isn’t one of the size you desire available. 

So one thing you should consider is the urgency of what you need the mini bins for. If it is absolutely essential for you to have mini bins on a given day, order at least 2 days ahead. 


If you want to order mini bins, you will have to ask if they have what you want. The possibility that what you want won’t fit the occasion is very high. If you’re new to hiring mini bins in Adelaide, you should call ahead to ask questions. When you call ahead, you will have enough time to talk with the customer’s service. However, if you order on the day you need the mini bins, you may find out you made the wrong decision in mini bins.

 So, another reason why you have to call ahead is to make adequate inquiries. You need to receive professional advice before you order.

Skip bin Hire Company

If you want to order your skip bins the day you need them, you won’t have enough time to research the company. When you want to order skip bins in Adelaide, you must do adequate research on the company. If you hire skip bins from any type of company, they may deliver your skip bins very late.

Do you have an instance where you need skip bins for and on time? At Mini Bins, we provide high-quality mini bins you can order for from our website. We deliver affordable skips Adelaide on time and to your home. Contact us so we can get your skip bins ready!


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