How Compact Is a Mobile Skip Bin?

Before you hire a mini bin for your Adelaide clean-out, you need to get familiar with the container. One piece of essential information to understand about your bin is its dimensions.

Not only will finding out the size of a bin help you determine if it can fit all your rubbish, but it will also help you figure out if it can fit into your driveway.

If you are looking to hire one of our Adelaide mini bins, read on! In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about our bin’s sizing.

Mini Bin Sizes

At Mini Bin Adelaide, we have a wide variety of bin sizes available for hire. Our bin range starts at two cubic meter capacity and extends up to a nine cubic meter capacity.

Additionally, for those requiring a more substantial capacity, we can provide roll-on, roll-off bins upon request. 

No matter what bin you choose to hire, you must respect its capacity. No mini bin should ever be filled above the rim if your rubbish won’t fit without overflowing.

 It is best to choose a larger skip bin. 

Selecting the Right Mini Bin to Hire for Your Adelaide Project

We understand that visualizing the size of a mini bin based on its capacity in cubic meters can be hard to do. Our experienced staff can provide you with additional information to assist you in the selection processes upon request, to help you out.

We can provide the exact linear dimensions to know if it will fit down your driveway or on your front lawn. Just contact Mini Bin through our contact page or call our Adelaide office. 

Our staff will gladly provide any additional information and advice so that you can hire the perfect mini bin.

Other Factors to Consider Besides Dimensions

Once you have selected the right size, you’ll need to consider other selection factors. Waste type is a crucial element to keep in mind. Before you hire a bin, determine what kind of waste will go into it. 

You should get familiar with loading instructions to avoid dumping the wrong kind of rubbish in the wrong type of bin. Doing so can lead to further problems, such as your being rejected at the dumping site.

Hire a Mini Bin Online

Looking to clean up your backyard or construction/work site? At Mini Bin Adelaide, we have a skip in for every need and size. 

Our vast availability of waste specific skip bins Adelaide in a wide range of sizes makes us Adelaide’s one-stop rubbish dump service provider. You’ll have no difficulty cleaning up for any project, big or small!

Let us help you find the perfect size of a mini bin for your next project. 


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