Here’s Your Guide To Skip Hire With Mini Bins

No one can deny that skip bin hire is the ideal solution for waste removal in Adelaide. However, if you have never hired a skip bin before, the process can be confusing. By choosing the right Adelaide skip bin hire, you already have half the work done. 

Since 2008, Mini bin has become the go-to premium skip bin service in Adelaide and across Australia. So no matter what your Adelaide rubbish removal needs are, we got you covered. We have a suitable skip bin for hire for every need and budget. 

To help you hire the right skip in Adelaide bin, here is a quick guide:

Skip Bin Size         

At Mini bin, we can look after you, no matter what size of rubbish you want to get rid of. We offer a variety of skip bin sizes for hire in Adelaide. There is no one skip bin size that fits all needs. The ideal size depends on the amount of waste you want to dispose of. 

Our skip bin sizes range from 2 cubic metres to 9 cubic metres. In addition, we can supply roll-on and roll-off bins if you need to hire a large skip bin. Their sizes vary between 10 cubic metres and 28 metres. Our team can gladly help you choose if you still cannot decide. They will provide you with the exact linear dimensions of each skip bin to give you a better idea of their size. 

Waste Type

The right Adelaide skip bin hire should help take care of your waste management needs effectively. However, that does not mean you can just put anything in your Adelaide skip bin. Every skip bin hire comes with a list of acceptable and prohibited waste items that you need to follow. Otherwise, you might get charged extra or have the restricted waste items returned to you. 

To make the most of your Adelaide skip bin hire, you must first select the right waste type. This will affect the price of your skip bin hire. For more details, you can check our waste disposal guide on our website. Our team can also help you select the right waste type for your needs.

Skip Hire Duration

We provide both short and long-term Adelaide skip bin hire. Choose the hire period that is most appropriate for your needs. In all cases, we will get your Adelaide skip bin delivered to you within 24 hours of booking online. You can pay with your credit card over our fully encrypted gateway.

Skip Permit

If you leave your hired Adelaide skip bin on the street or over a driveway, you will need to check with your local council. Oftentimes, you will need a permit for an Adelaide skip bin to be placed on council property.

Skip bin hire in Adelaide has never been easier. Book your skip bin now!


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