Here’s How Easy We Make Mini Bin Hire!

Hiring a mini bin in Adelaide usually takes longer than it’s meant to. Booking mini bins are a hassle; receiving them is a problem, and quality isn’t always guaranteed. If you’ve fallen victim more times than you’d prefer, don’t you think it’s time to make a change? Come to Mini Bin, where we make mini bin hiring so easy and stress-free.

This same promise must have been made to you countless times, so what sets us apart? Well, here’s how:

Easy bookings

The easiest part about our mini bin for hire is the booking process. The booking process on our website is seamless and doesn’t take any time at all. Once you get to our website, you’ll see a form to fill. You’ll fill in your postcode; the mini bin size you want, where you want it delivered to Adelaide, the type of waste you want to dispose of in it.

Once you’re done filling in your details, you’ll get a quote. And if you’d rather speak to us, there’s an option to contact us. The process of hiring a mini bin from us won’t take up to 10 minutes!

Things you need to know before you hire a mini bin from us

Before you hire a mini bin from us, there is certain information you need to know and take care of. 

You need to know:

  • The bin size

The bin size you get is very important because it’ll prove useless if you get the wrong one. For residential purposes, you’ll need to get smaller bin sizes for portability and easy usage. However, you’ll need bigger skip bins that can accommodate the size of the waste you want to dispose of for construction uses. Since our larger skip bins range from sizes of 10 cubic metres and 28 metres. Our skip bins Adelaide can either be roll-on or roll-off to accommodate all your needs

  • Where and when you want it

Knowing when and where you want your mini bin will prevent a lot of issues. Put your correct Adelaide address so there won’t be any delivery problems for the delivery. You should also know how long you’ll need the mini bin for. Having all this information will make the booking process as easy as possible.

Mini Bin makes the mini bin hire process easy, but we also need your assistance to make it even easier. Mini Bin is the best place to rent your mini bins from in Adelaide! If you have any questions about our mini bin hiring process, contact us!


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