Got Rubbish? Let Us Remove It For You!

The worst thing you can do is let your rubbish stay longer than it should in your Adelaide home or business. Rubbish can ruin the appearance of your Adelaide home or business and even make your environment unbearable. Stop making the rubbish your problem when your favourite Adelaide mini bin for hire company, Mini Bin, is here for you.

We will deal with your rubbish for you, anyhow and anywhere you want. To know the ways we can help you with your rubbish, keep on reading:

Appropriate skip bins

Before you hire a mini bin, you must identify the type of waste you want to dispose of. We have to know whether your waste is general or household waste, green waste, or green fill waste. Knowing the type of waste you want to dispose of will guide you when you want to hire a mini bin. For example, the waste you want to throw away may require a specific type of skip bin. 

Once you tell us the type of waste you want to throw away, we’ll give you the appropriate mini bin. The type of waste you want to dispose of matters because it may affect the cost of the mini bin. The appropriate skip bins Adelaide will accommodate the waste you want to use and won’t break under pressure. Whether it’s a large or small project, we can supply larger ‘roll-on, roll-off bin’ sizes between 10 cubic metres and 28 metres.

Rubbish removal

We can also help you with your rubbish removal. Whether you’re a gardener, a restauranteur, a contractor etc., we can help you dispose of your waste. Apart from our mini bin services, you can go ahead to patronise our rubbish removal services. You only have to tell us if you’ll be needing a skip bin since you might have one already. Once all the bases are covered, book us, sit back and wait for us to come to your location.

Extended mini bin hire

Most times, once people see how high quality our mini bins are, they’d prefer to hire it for a longer period. Well, we’re glad to tell you that you can hire our mini bins for as long as you want. Our mini bins are available for both long and short term hire. 

With our mini bins, rubbish removal will be easy peasy. Would you like to put our services to the test? Contact us to save your time and money!


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