Find the Right Skip Bin Size for Your Hiring Needs

Skip bins are hired for waste projects; their primary job is to accommodate all the waste you plan to put inside them. What happens when you hire the wrong skip bin size? It becomes useless. You’ve already spent money to hire the size you thought would be helpful in your project only to find out it’s too small. Because of this, you’ll need to hire another skip bin or postpone your Adelaide project.

That’s why before you hire a skip bin in Adelaide, it’s good to know the right skip bin size for your hiring needs. What skip bin size is popularly used for certain projects? Some projects and the skip bin size that fits them are:

Household Projects

Household projects are usually small-scale, so you won’t need a large-sized skip bin. For example, if you’re moving to a new Adelaide home, you need to clear your old house or do some spring cleaning. 

If you’re simply cleaning out your home, attic and garage, the 2 cubic metres skip bin will be more than alright for you.

However, if you’re moving out and plan to dispose of some furniture, you could upgrade to the 3 or 4 cubic metres skip bin. It depends on how much furniture you have to move out of your home. 

Gardening Or Landscaping Projects

Landscaping or gardening projects tend to produce a high amount of waste. Flowers, plants, grass and tree clippings look small, but by the time you consider the soil you’ll be disposing of, you’ll need a large-sized skip bin.

 If it’s a simple gardening project in your home, let’s say you’re weeding or mowing your lawn, you should consider the 3 or 4 cubic metres skip bin for hires. However, if you’re a professional landscaper and you have a huge project to do, you’ll need a larger-sized skip bin. 

Large Scale landscaping projects include concrete, cement, wood etc. and other heavy materials. For these, you’ll need to go higher and consider 4 or 6 cubic metres skip bins.

Construction Or Renovation Projects

Constructions projects are very messy; gravel, metal, cement and wood are some of the waste seen after construction or projects. 

To handle this type of waste, you’ll definitely be needing the biggest size of skip bins possible. Consider the 6 and 9 cubic metres skip bin for your construction projects.

This waste will be very heavy, and you may need a skip bin that you can push, namely, the roll-on/roll of bins. You can choose to have any of our skip bins with tyres at an extra fee. One of our roll-on skip bins should be enough for whatever construction project you want to do.

If you’re a small business owner, maybe you own a café, pub or business centre, you can also get skip bins. The 2-metre size would be more than perfect for your weekly waste. We accept a wide range of waste at Minibin and our booking service is quick and easy. Contact us to book the skip bin size you need.


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