Everything you Need to Know About What Happens to the Garbage You Put in a Skip Bin

Have you ever wondered about what happens to your garbage once you put it in skip bins in Adelaide?  

It’s not hard to imagine because a ton of garbage is produced in Adelaide daily, and they just seem to “disappear “or rather they’re put to further use. It gets very interesting once you learn that not all your garbage is destroyed; some of them are still useful.

The interesting life span of garbage is just beginning when you put them into skip bins. The trash you put in a skip bin is:

Taken to the transfer station

Once your skip bins are picked up, they’re taken to a transfer station. Transfer stations are where all waste is taken to for sorting. It’s at this station that different types of waste are separated from each other. So green waste, construction waste, household waste etc., are all divided. Recyclable items are also separated from the rest of the trash. 

Garbage that can’t be repurposed is taken to the landfill, and that’s the end of their story. However, the other useful waste still has some trips to make.

What happens to recyclable items

Items that can be recycled, such as bottles, cans, electronics, paper etc., are taken to different recycling centres.

Bottles and cans 

Your bottles and cans are taken to recycling depots, where they are sorted through and turned into more useful items. If you know you want to recycle your bottles and cans, it’s better you do so before you dispose of them in your bin. The bottles and cans will get mixed in with other waste, become dirty and unfit for recycling.

Gather all your bottles and cans, place them into a sack and store them for recycling.


Scrap metal and electronics are taken to steel companies that have use for them. Metal is recyclable, so if you can avoid disposing of your electronics, please do so. You could try donating the electronics that are still working to people who need them. 

In fact, electronics aren’t permitted for disposal in Adelaide skip bins because they tend to contain harmful chemicals such as arsenic, etc. 

Green waste

Green waste is organic waste and is technically recyclable because it can be put into further use. This green waste is taken from gardens and is put into use in other gardens. The grass clippings, branches etc., are taken to specialised facilities that turn them into compost, ore more useful materials.

You can also turn your green waste into compost that you can reuse in your garden.

Construction waste

Construction waste consists of brick, concrete, timber etc., which are materials that can be further used in other construction sites. These wastes could either be taken to a landfill or local construction centres.

Skip bins service in Adelaide

One thing is certain when you use skip bins, you’re ensuring that your garbage goes through the proper channels and isn’t dumped at the landfill. The pressure on the landfill must be reduced, and skip bins are the best way to ensure that.

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