Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Skip Bin in Adelaide

There are certain things you have to know before you hire a skip bin in Adelaide. Going through the wrong steps in hiring a skip bin can lead to disappointments and receiving the wrong order. There will be no point hiring a skip bin if you don’t know how to properly use it. 

However, you need to know what and what not to do before you hire a skip bin in Adelaide. Avoid wasting your money and resources by knowing the dos and don’ts of hiring a skip bin in Adelaide.

Ordering the wrong skip bin size

The whole point of hiring a skip bin is to dump waste into it. It would be pointless if you rent a skip bin and it can’t contain what you want to use it for. Hiring the wrong skip bin size is a mistake most people make during the booking process. Check out the skip bin size you want and compare it to the amount of waste you want to dump into it.

The best way to avoid ordering the wrong skip bin size is by calling the skip bin company. Most times, they can advise you on the appropriate skip bin size.

Disposing of the wrong items

Most skip hire Adelaide companies have the types of waste you can dispose of into it. Most waste facilities have strict orders when it comes to the waste you dump into their skip bins. Make sure that when you rent a skip bin, you only put one type of waste, which fits the company’s guidelines, into it. 

Most waste companies don’t allow hazardous materials in their skip bins, so ensure that you don’t dump materials like asbestos, old batteries, chemicals etc., into a skip bin.

Misusing the skip bin space

Most people end up misusing the space available in the skip bins they hired. The only waste that can’t be recycled should be placed in a skip bin. These types of waste include food scraps, cement, bricks etc. When you start placing recyclable items such as bottles, cans, cardboard etc., into a skip bin, you end up misusing them.

Separate recyclable items from the normal waste, and it’s a win-win. You get to help the Adelaide environment and save up more space in your skip bin.

Select the best Adelaide skip bin hire company

You need to do adequate research before patronising a skip bin company. Research all the skip bin hire companies you can find in your environment and select the ones that offer the best deals. You may fall for scammers or amateurs if you go for the first skip bin company you see.

Save yourself the trouble of research by hiring your skip bins from Mini Bins. You get the size you need delivered to you wherever you are in Adelaide. We make the hiring process for you- it can be done with a click on our website.

You probably need your skip bin urgently for whatever you plan to use it for. Don’t delay anymore and book now! 


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