Do Skip Bins Get Sorted In Adelaide?

Yes, skip bins get sorted in Adelaide. When the waste from skip bins are recovered from various homes, they aren’t taken straight to the rubbish dump. Instead, they pass through different stages, depending on the skip company. Although, most skip companies tend to sort the trash in their skips the same way.

But the question is, how are skip bins sorted in Adelaide? It all starts from:

  • Pick up

The sorting process starts from the moment they pick up your waste. The skip hire company could come to your location to pick up your skip bins or take them to their waste facility. From that moment, they begin to sort through the trash at their transfer station.

  • Sorting

Once all the waste has been gathered, they are then sorted through at the transfer facility. When you patronise skip bin companies, you’re not only paying for their bins but for the activities that go on at their transfer facility. Skip bins ensure that the waste collected goes through environmentally safe routes, something transfer facilities aid.

At the transfer facility, all the recyclable items are removed from the waste you collect. So if you submit household waste, recyclable things like bottles, cans, electronics, batteries, etc., are removed and sent off to the appropriate places.

If you want to know more about what happens to the different types of waste you dump in your skip bins, you can read some of our guides on our website.

How To Help In Sorting Skip Bins?

The sorting process is a significant part of our waste disposal service- if it’s not the most important. However, there are specific ways you can make the process go smoothly and without a hitch.

  • Only dispose of the same waste

A significant problem skip bin hires in Adelaide’s face is people failing to obey instructions related to their containers. If you’re collecting a container for household waste, only household waste should be dumped into it, with some minor exceptions. Green waste bins should only have green waste and so on. 

Mixing different types of waste will complicate the sorting process as the recyclable items could get contaminated. Since we try to make the most of all the items we get, how many things we’re about to salvage. To prevent this, buy several bins for different types of waste. Get a separate bin for your household waste, green waste, clean fill, etc. 

When you hire multiple bins from us at MiniBin, you get a discount- nothing should get in the way of you and your waste disposal.

  • Only dispose of appropriate items

Another major issue that we tend to face is prohibited items being dumped in our skip bins. Skip hires have a list of things they don’t accept. For example, at MiniBin, we don’t get hazardous waste, gas bottles, tires, electronics, etc. Putting these items may lead to your destruction being rejected, and you may need to pay extra.

Skip bins are necessary for Adelaide, and the advantages they provide are just as significant. Do you need skip bins for an upcoming project? Tell MiniBin the project and its needs- let’s help you out.


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