Are There Different Sizes of Mini Bins I Can Hire?

At Mini Bins Adelaide, we offer many different types of mini bins for all your rubbish disposal needs. Whether you require to dispose of waste from a small project or a large construction site, there’s a bin for every need!

Mini Bins offers many differently sized bins. Our size options are the following:

  • 2 cubic meters
  • 4 cubic meters
  • 6 cubic meters
  • 9 cubic meters

How to Select the Right Mini Bin Size?

When selecting a mini bin, the main factor to consider is the amount of rubbish you’ll need to dispose of. A smaller home construction project might only require a small mini bin, On the other hand, a more significant building construction site might require the most substantial mini bin or even several of them. Overall, the best mini bin for you will be the one that fits more accurately the amount of waste your Adelaide project will produce.

The best way to determine this is by carefully analysing the dimensions of your rubbish pile. Since mini bins are measured in cubic meters, many people struggle to visualise sizings. However, at Mini Bins Adelaide, we’re happy to provide extra measurements and assistance to make your mini bin selection easier.

You’ll also want to make sure that your mini bin Adelaide hire can make its way to your work site. This means confirming the bin can fit down your driveway or across your front lawn.

Other Mini Bin Selection Criteria

Another essential thing to consider when selecting a Mini Bin skip hire Adelaide is its intended use. Determine what type of waste will go into the bin to make the right choice.

At Mini Bins Adelaide we can help you dispose of nearly any kind of waste! However, to responsibly dispose of the rubbish you have, not all bins can be used for everything. Specific bins serve different purposes. For this reason, you need to select the right one to avoid any issues with misplaced waste.

You can choose anything from a heavy mini bin, where you can mix bricks concrete and general waste, to 100% clean fill or 100% bricks/concrete bins. 

You can fit more green waste with ease into a bin, than bricks and concrete that don’t mould to space as quickly. By knowing what type of material you are disposing of, you can best select the right size of bin. 

Hire Our Mini Bins for All Your Adelaide Projects

Looking to clean up your yard? Want to clean up a construction site? At Mini Bins Adelaide we have a bin for every need. With a great variety of waste specific mini bins in a wide range of sizes, you’ll have no trouble cleaning up any area, big or small!


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